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NOVA 2009-2010 College Catalog

STUDENT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES -- Disability Services for Students

NOVA is committed to serving persons with documented disabilities. A goal of NOVA is that each qualified student has an equal opportunity to pursue a college education regardless of the presence or absence of a disability. To reach that goal, NOVA will make reasonable accommodations in courses, programs and facilities for students with documented disabilities.

If you require any special accommodation or service, contact the NOVA Counselor for Disability Support Services at the campus of your choice at least four weeks prior to the beginning of classes. To qualify for accommodations, you must provide clear and specific evidence of a documented disability by a qualified professional. In general, the documentation should be no more than three years old or must be based on adult norms.

All information obtained in the diagnostic and medical reports will be maintained and used in accordance with applicable confidentiality requirements. College policy reclassifies any student not enrolled for three full years as inactive. Disability documentation records of inactive students will not be maintained.

Questions of compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act should be addressed to the director of Affirmative Action/Minority and Legal Affairs.

Handicapped parking spaces are available at each campus. A handicapped permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles is required. The College does not issue handicapped parking permits.

Each campus has identified one or more counselors to assist you in the determination of eligibility for accommodations and in academic counseling. NOVA assumes that if you are a student with a disability, you will assist the College in identifying needed resources and possible agency sources.
NOVA has a liaison with The Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services and the Virginia Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Additional information may be obtained on each campus or by visiting the website: http://www.nvcc.edu/current-students/disability-services/index.html.