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NOVA 2008-2009 College Catalog

INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS -- Curricula Locations: Campus and ELI

The following list shows the curricula offered on each NVCC campus and by the Extended Learning Institute (ELI). Except for the more specialized Medical Education Campus, all general education, orientation, and physical education course requirements for a degree or certificate can be met on any College campus or by ELI. All graduation requirements are certified by the student’s campus of record. Specialized major courses required for some degree curricula are not offered on all campuses or ELI. Those campuses and ELI offering the courses required for a given degree or certificate are noted in the right-hand column. The symbols are AL—Alexandria, AN—Annandale, LO—Loudoun, MA—Manassas, MEC—Medical Education Campus, WO—Woodbridge, and ELI—Extended Learning Institute.

Click here to view the curricula offered at each NVCC campus.