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NOVA 2008-2009 College Catalog


The Annandale Campus is located at 8333 Little River Turnpike on a 76.4-acre site in central Fairfax County, one mile west of the Capital Beltway, Interstate Route 495, on Route 236.

Campus Staff



  Dr. Barbara Saperstone CG202 703-323-3222
Campus Dean of Operations    
  Christine Holt CG202 703-323-3222
Dean of Students    
  Dr. John W. Thrash CG218 323-4441
Dean of Business and Public Services Division    
  Dr. Joyce Brotton (Acting) CC220A 323-3157
Dean of Liberal Arts Division    
  Dr. Bruce J. Mann CM342 323-3189
Dean of Languages and Literature Division    
  Gerald Boyd CC120 845-6341
Dean of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Division    
  Robert S. Woodke (Acting) CT336 323-3109
Coordinator, Evening Administration    
  Dr. Andrew S. Goldstein CG112C 323-3723
Adjunct Faculty Specialist    
  Ethel Brent DeLaney CG112B 323-3169
  Michelle Rundblade CG124 323-3185
Business Office    
  Rick Tittmann, Business Manager CG202 323-3131
Campus Police    
  Chief James Kalletta CI Bldg. 323-3111
Continuing Education & Workforce Development    
  Dr. Robert R. Vaughn CE202 323-4068
Community Education    
  Martha E. Kossoff CE202 323-3168
Cooperative and Internship Education    
  Dr. Lisa R. O’Quinn CF213B 323-3164
Counseling Services    
  Dr. Joyce Bryant, Coordinator CG205 323-3200
Financial Aid    
  Sharon Sheridan CG206 323-2184
  Patricia Bass CG206 323-3556
Learning Resource Services    
  Carol Sinwell, Acting Director CG402 323-3004
  Academic Support Services CG408 323-2221
  Information Technology CG402 323-4259
  Library CG300 323-3128
  Center for Teaching Excellence CG413 323-3771
  Testing Center CG404 323-3149
Student Activities    
  Jessie Zahorian CF228 323-3483
Student Services Center    
  Kimberly C. Ellis, Registrar CG206 323-3400
Veterans Advisor    
  Romulo D. Sarmiento CG206 323-3145

Annandale Campus Map

C--Faculty/Staff Parking
B--Student Parking
H--Handicapped Parking
M--Motorcycle Parking

Building Identification
CC--Classroom Building
CE--Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center
CF--Food Services Building
CG--Godwin Building
CH--Brault Building (College Services)
CI--Security and Information Building
CM--McDiarmid Building
CN--Nursing Building
CP—Parking Garage
CS--Shuler Building
CT--TV Tech Building
CW2--Physical Plant Building