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NOVA 2007-2008 College Catalog

STUDENT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES -- College Success Skills/Student Development Course

An orientation program provides you with the opportunity to learn skills and information that will help you to be successful at NVCC. The orientation program may begin weeks before enrollment when you meet with a counselor for an interview to select a major. In this interview, career interests and educational goals are explored. It will be determined at this time if there is a need for additional information or tests. Your application for admission to a specific curriculum will be evaluated, and the first semester's courses planned.

A one-credit student development (SDV) course, College Success Skills, designed to help you succeed in college is required for first-time NVCC College students. NVCC students must take SDV 100 or another SDV course before enrolling for their 16th semester hour at the College. All SDV courses cover topics related to academic success, responsible decision making, and college information. Some sections address additional topics and some are intended for students in specific programs. The Extended Learning Institute (ELI) also has a SDV course available for those who cannot attend a campus-based section.