Weekend courses/programs leading to certificates and degrees are offered at all campuses. They provide students with additional opportunities to pursue their education. Students may accelerate work toward a degree or seek professional enrichment and growth in a time frame conducive to their professional and personal lives. Intensive classroom experience combined with independent study provides an in-depth and meaningful educational experience.

The Annandale campus offers a Weekend Express Program and a Weekend College Degree Program. For further information about these programs, call 703-323-3091 or 323-3157.

The Manassas campus also offers a Weekend College Degree Program in which a student can complete the Certificate degree program in Professional Writing for Business, Government, and Industry or can complete core Liberal Arts degree requirements by attending classes Friday evenings, Saturdays, and/or Sunday afternoons every other weekend. Check the current Schedule of Classes for courses designated as WEEKEND classes and their meeting dates. Call 703-257-6685 or 703-257-6605 for further information.

Parking permits are required for those students enrolling in weekend courses. Students should also be aware that add/drop periods are different for weekend offerings than they are for traditional weekday courses.

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