The Loudoun Campus is located at 1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway at Sterling on a 91.4-acre site at the intersection of Route 7 and State Route 637 in Loudoun County. Associated with the Loudoun Campus is the Reston Center, located in two buildings at 11260 Roger Bacon Drive (RES1) and at 1831 Wiehle Avenue, (RES2).

Campus Staff




  Dr. Anthony C. Tardd LR250 703-845-6222  
Dean of Student Development      
  Lloyd L. Wells (Acting) LR242 450-2512  
Dean of Communications and Human Studies Division      
  Dr. Beverly A. Blois, Jr. LR304 450-2527  
Dean of Natural and Applied Sciences Division      
  Joyce Samuels (Acting) LR303 450-2575  
  John Memmer LR111 450-2589  
Business Office      
  David Kim McManus, Business Manager LR222 450-2562  
Campus Police      
  Cynthia Gresham, Sergeant LR241 450-2540  
Continuing Education & Workforce Development      
  Betty J. Beyer LR252 450-2597  
Counseling Services & Job Counseling LR253 450-2571  
Financial Aid      
  Sheila I. Gold LR242A 450-2537  
Learning Resource Services      
  Dr. Tony Tardd, Acting Director LR249C 450-2564  
Learning Laboratory LR251 450-2508  
Library LR249 450-2547  
Information Technology Services LR208 450-2569  
Testing Center LR251 450-2508  
Campus Police      
  Cynthia Gresham, Sergeant LR241 450-2540  
Student Activities      
  Morgen Dailey LR253 450-2571  
Student Services Center      
  Gert Heslin LR246 450-2501  
Veterans Advisor      
  Diane D. Fochtman LR246 450-2583  

A--Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
B--Student Parking
H--Handicapped Parking
M--Motorcycle Parking
O--Official (State Vehicle) Parking

Building Identification
LA--Animal Science Building
LR--Classroom and Administrative—Reynolds Building
LCS--College Storage Building
LD--Temporary Interior Design Building
LG1--Greenhouse 1
LG2--Greenhouse 2
LM1--Volatile Storage Building
LM2-- Maintenance Building
LR--Dog Runs
LS--Natural Science Building
LW--Waddell Building



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