Alumni Opportunities

CCI alumni programming is designed to continue CCI alumni engagement in a global community. Alumni events, opportunities, and resources are organized by the CCI Program and other international organizations. These opportunities and resources aim to provide tools to help CCI alumni foster the leadership and community building skills they developed while studying at a U.S. community college during their exchange year.

You can find more opportunities on the International Exchange alumni website.

Current Events, Opportunities, and Resources

CCI Alumni Mentoring

CCI Alumni Mentoring is an online platform that facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that connect CCI alumni with one another to learn and develop. Powered by Chronus, this mentorship program promotes expanding your network, gaining new knowledge and insights, and building new skills. Each cycle, CCI alumni will receive an email invitation to join as a mentor or mentee to start developing personal and professional relationships with their alumni peers.

CCI Alumni Certificate Programs

CCI alumni are invited to enroll in courses and certificate programs developed by the American Management Association (AMA) exclusively for CCI alumni. Course topics include management, leadership, project management, business writing, finance, human resources and change management, and interpersonal skills. CCI alumni may also pursue course tracks that lead to AMA Certificates in these content areas. Courses are available on a first-come first-serve basis, so register today to continue your professional development as CCI alumni and add an AMA Certificate of Completion to your resume!

CCI LIVE: Virtual Events for CCI Alumni

"CCI LIVE: Virtual Events for CCI Alumni” is a series of virtual webinar and webcast events designed to inspire ongoing personal and professional development of CCI alumni. Designed by CCI administrators and facilitated by Learning Times, these events are moderated, interactive forums with open discussion between fellow CCI alumni and guest presenters. Previous CCI LIVE events have focused on topics such as global leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategies for grant proposals. Check Upcoming Events for a list of future CCI LIVE events. CCI alumni can also log in to the Archives to revisit past CCI LIVE recorded webinars.

American English MOOCs for English Language Learners

The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from American English help pre-intermediate to intermediate level learners improve their English skills in five major career fields. You can register for a five week course in: 1. English for Business and Entrepreneurship, 2. English Journalism, 3. English for Career Development, 4. English for Media Literacy, and 5. English for Stem Fields. Each MOOC is five weeks, and there are different facilitated course start dates for each MOOC. After the start date of the first facilitated course, the MOOC is open for enrollment. Some of the courses offered are free.

Become a United Nations Volunteer

Becoming a UN Volunteer is a unique opportunity to enrich personal and professional experience, and it benefits both the individual volunteer and society at large. The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program sends professionals with specialized experience to serve in assignments with a variety of UN agencies to support peace and development. Learn how to volunteer abroad, in your home country, or online with UN Volunteers.