View the CCI Program’s annual statistics to see where and what participants study, where participants come from around the world, and how they give back to their U.S. host community.

*Annual Statistics reflect Community College Consortium CCI Program participant data.

Annual Statistics

CCI Testimonials

Louisa Addio
CCI Participant, Ghana

"After returning home I went back to college to finish my degree. I will use everything I learned during the CCI Program to develop myself, my community, my college, and my country at large."

Ryan Kharisma
CCI Participant, Indonesia

"The CCI Program helped me expand my horizons and see the world and its diversity from a different perspective that has changed my life."

Luciana Duailibe
CCI Participant, Brazil

“The CCI Program was the most amazing experience in my life. Now I am working as an Art Director/Animator freelancer in my home town.”

Thabiso Manala
CCI Participant, South Africa

“The CCI Program was the greatest opportunity and has changed my future and life for the best. It has made me see things differently.”

Adriana Castro
CCI Participant, Costa Rica

"I will always keep a big part of my heart for Team Zabardast and all the incredible people I met back in 2010."

Jalaluddin Mughal
CCI Participant, Pakistan

"The CCI Program was an inspiring opportunity for me that brought me back to academics after almost ten years. I have received incredible knowledge, marvelous professional skills, extensive networking and professional connections, and an impressive understanding about other people and cultures."