Celebrating 10 Years

Throughout 2017, the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Sowing Seeds in the United States

In January 2017, 210 CCI participants worked together on a service learning event. In Lees Ferry Historic District, Arizona, the CCI class of 2016-17 celebrated 10 years of the CCI Program and 100 years of the U.S. National Park Service by revitalizing the orchard at Lonely Dell Ranch. Under park ranger guidance, the CCI Program planted, pruned, and maintained trees in the orchard, and worked on irrigation systems. This was the first time in CCI Program history that all CCI students got together for one service event, and it was the largest group of volunteers that Lonely Dell had ever had. Together, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the CCI Program worked to preserve an important piece of Southwestern history.

CCI at Lonely Dell

CCI Seeds Around the World

Planting seeds

CCI alumni also joined in the 10-year celebration through the virtual #CCISeeds campaign. CCI alumni from 16 countries shared photos of themselves planting seeds in their communities and posted about how the CCI Program helped them grow as people and professionals. Through their environmental contributions to their home communities, CCI alumni illustrated the legacy, growth, and impact of participation in an international exchange program.

Community College Initiative Program: The First Ten Years

To commemorate 10 years of the program, in July 2018 the CCI Program released the publication Community College Initiative Program: The First Ten Years. The anniversary report outlines the foundations, pillars, and impact of the CCI Program from 2007-2017, and includes stories about the global legacy of CCI alumni.

The First 10 Years Publication