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Schedule of classes -

Abbreviations and Symbols

TBA = “To Be Announced” (time, room, and/or instructor) – see
the division office for details.

Make sure your class times do not overlap, even by a few
minutes – you will not be able to enroll for classes that conflict.
A = AM    P = PM

CAMPUSES and Centers
A = Alexandria                                        M = Manassas
ARL =Arlington Center                           MIP= Innovation Park
E = Extended Learning Institute (ELI) N = Annandale
H = Medical Education (MEC)              RES = Reston Center
L = Loudoun                                           W = Woodbridge

M = Monday           R = Thursday          N = Sunday
T = Tuesday            F = Friday                TR = Tuesday and Thursday
W = Wednesday     S = Saturday          SN = Saturday and Sunday

Pay attention to the notes under class listings. Some indicate
restrictions on enrollment or other classes that must be taken
along with the course. Information about labs, which require
separate enrollment, may also be listed here.

Make note of classroom locations. Off-campus locations are
listed in this schedule under “Locations and Transportation

Alexandria Campus
AA    Bisdorf Building                         AT    Tyler Building
AE    Engineering Building                       
AS    Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall & Arts Center                    

Annandale Campus
CA    Student Services Building        CG   Godwin Building
CC   Classroom Building                   CM McDiarmid Building
CE   Richard J. Ernst Community     CN   CN Building
        Cultural Center                          CS   Shuler Building
CF    Food Services Building              CT    TV-Tech Building
Loudoun Campus
LA    Veterinary Tech. Building          LS    Science Laboratory
LD   Design Building                         LW   Waddell Building
LR    Reynolds Building                     --     New Building TBA

Manassas Campus
MA   Mary Louise                               MP Harry J. Parrish Hall
        Jackson Amphitheater               MS  Auxiliary Classroom Building
MC Colgan Hall                                 MT   Power-Technical Building
MH Howsmon Hall
Medical Education Campus   
HE   Medical Education Building, Springfield, VA

Woodbridge Campus
WA   Arts Building                              WH HVAC Classroom and Lab
WB Bookstore                                   WT   HVAC Trailer
WC Seefeldt Building


The symbols listed after a course alert you to something special
about that course. In most cases there is additional information
explained at length in a course’s online listing. A brief key for the
symbols is printed at the bottom of each page of the Schedule of
Classes, but a more complete explanation is listed here