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Mathematics (Developmental)

Developmental Math has been redesigned at NOVA. All Developmental Math now uses the MTT course prefix. The new course structure allows you to skip sections of material in which you already demonstrate competency, and concentrate on the material in which you demonstrate weaknesses.

If you took the math placement test after mid-October 2011, you will be told which of the 10 developmental math units you need to study. This will determine whether you register for MTT 1, 2, 3 or 4. You will then work through a structured set of activities, using MyMathLab, an online learning system, with the close guidance and support of an instructor and tutors. In addition to the scheduled time in the classroom with your instructor, you will also have a lab attendance requirement. Go to the Science and Math Division office at your campus to learn more about the new MTT course structure, and be sure to read the messages with each MTT course under the campus and ELI listings.