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NOVA offers honors classes to highly motivated students who seek a challenging academic experience. Through a variety of teaching methods, you will learn to think broadly and independently about the material covered. Honors classes, when offered, are identified by an "H" after the course listings.

Honors course offerings may vary from campus to campus. Typically, Honors courses are offered in one of three ways:

  •  Honors Options: Regular course sections in which students may complete a special Honors component of the course, and receive an Honors designation for that course.
  • Honors Courses: Special sections are designated as full Honors classes with an average of 16-20 students in a seminar-style setting.
  • Learning Community Honors Courses: Combinations of honors courses scheduled and designed in coordination with one another for the purpose of interdisciplinary study.

Honors faculty advisors and honors counselors are available at each campus to aid you with course selection. The Student Services Center, Counseling Office, and Honors campus chairs can provide you with further information.

Admission to Individual Honors Courses

Admission to individual honors courses and options requires approval of the division, course instructor, or counselor based on test scores, prior achievement, or faculty recommendation, and submission of Form 125-147, Honors Course Permission form. Any one of the criteria in the chart below is sufficient as long as course prerequisites and placement requirements are met. For Honors Option courses, submit form 125-148, Honors Option Agreement.



Place into Honors ENG 111 via NOVA English placement test

Place into Honors math via NOVA math placement test

Document an average score of >600 on the new SAT Critical Reading and Essay tests, with no score <500.

Document a score of >600 on the new Math SAT exam

Graduate high school in the top 10% of your class

Graduate high school in the top 10% of your class

Submit recommendations from two faculty based on English courses either completed at NOVA or a previous college or in progress at NOVA

Submit recommendations from two faculty based on math or science courses either completed at NOVA or a previous college or in progress at NOVA

Obtain recommendation of an Honors Chair or Counselor based on an interview and academic excellence

Obtain recommendation of an Honors Chair or counselor based on an interview and academic excellence

Honors Core Curriculum

The Honors Core Curriculum is a set of general education courses applicable to many degree programs. You may satisfy the requirements of both the degree and the Honors Core by enrolling in the Honors sections of courses or electives within the degree program requirements.

To receive the Honors Core Curriculum designation on your diploma and official transcript, you must be admitted into the Honors Core Curriculum and must complete it with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all honors courses taken with no grade below a C in any Honors course.

Honors Program Admission Requirements

You may enter the Honors program during your first semester at NOVA, or you may enter later. To be considered for admission to the Honors Program, you must meet at least one of the requirements in each category (English and Math) of the chart above. Complete instructions may be found on Form 125-149, Honors Program Application.

For more information, contact one of the campus Honors chairs listed below or the Student Services Center at the campus where youn to attend:

College Honors Coordinator:  Stacy Rice, 703-948-7716  srice@nvcc.edu.
Alexandria Campus:
Shonette Grant, 703-845-6503 sgrant@nvcc.edu.
Annandale Campus: Dr. Joyce Brotton,703-323-3430 jbrotton@nvcc.edu.
Loudoun Campus: Dr. David Porter,703-948-7703 dporter@nvcc.edu , or any Loudoun Campus counselor.
Manassas Campus: Dr. Rebecca Hayes, 703-257-6695 rhayes@nvcc.edu, or any Manassas Campus counselor.
Medical Education Campus: Byron Massie, 703-822-6549 bmassie@nvcc.edu.
Woodbridge Campus: Dr. Charlie Errico,703-878-5639 cerrico@nvcc.edu.

Visit the Honors website at http://www.nvcc.edu/academics/additional-learning-opportunities/honors/index.html