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Schedule of classes -

How the Schedule Works

The printed NOVA Schedule of Classes is subject to change. Always check the online listing, which may be updated after the schedule is printed. The  schedule lists courses for all campuses, Centers, ELI, and off-campus locations. You may select your courses from any campus for any day or time, unless otherwise noted.

Before You Start …
Take a few minutes to flip through the schedule. Courses are laid out by campus, alphabetically by course prefix, and then by session. The diagram below shows you what to look for when reading NOVA’s Schedule of Classes.

Before trying to enroll, complete the Class Schedule Worksheet on page 23 so you will have all the information you need. Keep your worksheet for future reference, or print out your class schedule using NOVAConnect each time you change your schedule.

Online Class Search
You can search for courses online by going to the Schedule Search at www.nvcc.edu/schedule/crs2123/. Select the search options for the classes you want, click “search” and scroll until you find the right course. You can search by academic discipline, campus location, and/or session. The online course listing displays the specific details of each section.

Here’s How to Read the Schedule of Classes:

Sample Listing of Class Schedule

You can also log on to NOVAConnect and search for a course by course prefix and number, or by class number. To reveal the detailed course information, click on the class section number link.

Locating Course Details or Course Notes