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Financial Aid Application and Textbook Coverage

Apply for Financial Aid!

NOVA’s Financial Aid Specialists will help you determine your eligibility and assist you in filing the Free Application for FederalStudent Aid (FAFSA). More information is available from your campus Financial Aid Office or online at the Financial Aid Web site.

You must include NOVA’s School Code, 003727, on the FAFSA, or the College will not receive your information.

Use Approved Financial Aid to Buy or Rent* Textbooks and Supplies

If you can answer “YES” to the following questions, you can use your approved financial aid award to purchase or rent* books and supplies from campus bookstores May 2 through May 29.

  • Are you enrolled in classes?
    Awards offered before the start of the term are based on full-time status. If you are enrolled for fewer credits, you will not have as much money available for tuition, fees, and books. Be sure that you are satisfied with your enrollment before going to the bookstore; if you add a class, you may need additional money to pay your tuition. If you drop a class, you may end up owing money to the College.
  • Do you have an approved financial aid award that will cover tuition, fees, and books?
    You have approved financial aid if you have received an award letter. You must have accepted enough loan money and completed a promissory note and entrance interview to use your student loan at the bookstore. Wait at least three business days after completing all paperwork. (Sorry, work-study may not be used for this program.)
  • Do you have a NOVACard with your student ID number displayed on the front?
    If not, go to NOVACard Services at any campus to obtain one.
  • Is your account free of holds?
    If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to purchase books with financial aid.

*For more information about textbook rentals, go to www.nvcc.bncollege.com