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Updated: 11/30/2011

Learning Communities are part of an innovative program for enriching your success. NOVA is offering selected pairs of courses to form learning communities by linking a Student Development course with another course. A common cohort of students enrolls in the linked classes and work together with the faculty on shared assignments and learning opportunities. Learning Communities will focus on helping you become a better learner with strong communication skills, as well as getting to know more about yourself and how you learn. This is an opportunity for you to get to know your professors and classmates better, to build a supportive academic network, and to improve your study skills to become a successful college student.

Go to the Counseling Office on your campus to learn more about Learning Communities at NOVA.

The offerings for Spring 2012 are listed below. You must register for both of the two (or three) classes that make up the learning community.   Please see the campus course listings for course titles and credits.


Take these courses together: Instructor Day and time Room
ENG 3-010A (48375) Blankmann, J MW 09:30A-10:45A TBA
ENG 5-010A (48376) Selinger, B MW 11:00A-12:25A AA  0345

ESL 51-015A (46921)

Toepper, J MWF 09:30A-10:55A AE  0222
ESL 52-015A (46918) Ward, G MWF 11:00A-12:25P AE  0222


Take these courses together: Instructor Day and time Room
BIO 102-010N (12072)  Honors Fitzgerald, P TR         11:00A-12:15P  CS   0107 
BIO 102-0B3N (12065) - Lab  Fitzgerald, P T          02:00P-04:40P  CS   0132
ENG 112-042N (11731)  Honors Schuhart, A TR         09:00A-10:15A  CT   0328
ENG 93-001N (31806) Kusterer, K MTW       10:00A-11:30A  CT   0326 
ENG 93-002N (31807) Kusterer, K MTW       11:45A-01:00P  CT   0326
ENG 93-003N  (31808)   DeLaney, E TW         01:00P-02:25P  CT   0326 
R          01:00P-02:25P CM   0124 
ENG 93-004N  (31809) DeLaney, E TW         02:40P-03:50P  CT   0326 
R          02:40P-03:40P  CM   0124
ENG 93-005N  (38874)   Deavers, P               T          09:30A-11:30A  CG   0114 
R          09:30A-11:30A  CT   0230 
ENG 93-006N  (38879) Deavers, P     T          11:30A-01:20P  CG   0114
R          11:30A-01:20P  CT   0230
ENG 95-001N (31800) Orkwis, R MW        09:00A-10:10A  CA   0302
T         09:00A-10:10A  CM  0124
ENG 95-002N (31801) Orkwis, R MW        10:20A-11:30A  CA   0302 
T          10:20A-11:20A  CM  0124
ENG 95-003N (31802)  Tong, N   MT         01:00P-02:10P  CS   0107
W          01:00P-02:10P  CT   0108
ENG 95-004N (31803) Tong, N   MT         02:10P-03:20P  CS   0107
W          02:10P-03:20P  CT   0108
ENG 95-005N (31804)   TBA MW        07:00P-08:10P  CT   0326 
T          07:00P-08:10P CT   0102 
ENG 95-006N (31805) TBA MW        08:10P-09:20P  CT   0326
T          08:10P-09:20P  CT   0102
MTH 163-060N (41472) 1st 8 wk. Lawler, W TR  08:00A-10:50A CS  0218
MTH 164-080N (41488) 2nd 8 wk. Lawler, W TR 08:00A-10:50A CS  0218


Take these courses together: Instructor Day and time Room
ENG 3-001L (10251)   Hybrid Briggs, K M 12:00P-02:15P  LW  0223 
ENG 5-001L (10322)   Hybrid Jeddy, H M  09:30A-11:45A  LW  0223
ENG 5-004L (10257)   Hybrid Young, L TF 10:00A-12:15P  SH  0334
SDV 100-004L (14729) McElhinney, M F 12:30P-01:30P LR  0104


Take these courses together: Instructor Day and time Room
ENG 1-002M (10648) Callahan, K TR 01:00P-03:15P MC  0229
SDV 100-002M (12900) Clarke, R R  03:30P-04:30P MC  0229
ENG 3-001M (10385)     Callahan, K MW  10:30A-12:45P MC  0229
ENG 5-001M (10390) Givens, S MW   01:30P-03:45P MC  0229


Take these courses together: Instructor Day and time Room
ENG 1-001W (40220) Doheney, K MW        12:00P-02:20P  WC   0155 
ENG 4-001W (10085)  Richardson, J MW        09:30A-10:45A  WC   0303
ENG 1-004W (10587) Taylor, J TR         04:00P-06:20P  WC   0407 
SDV 100-004W (40731) Ingram, T T          03:00P-03:50P  WC   0106
ENG 3-001W (10080) Hodkinson, E  MW        09:30A-11:50A  WC   0352
ENG 5-001W (10087)   Richardson, J  W          12:00P-02:20P  WC   0155


There are no learning communities offered through ELI this semester.