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Using the Wait List

NOVA offers you the option of putting yourself on a wait list if a class section is full.  You can use the wait list whether you register through NOVAConnect online or by telephone.

Here’s how it works:
Under “Add Classes” click the checkbox “Wait list if class is full.”  The classes marked with
        a green circle ( ● ) are open,
        a blue square ( ■ ) are closed, and
        a yellow triangle (▲) have a wait list. 
Not all classes offer the wait list option.  If the class offers the option, then once you have selected your courses your position on the wait list will be displayed. On your schedule,
        a yellow triangle ( ▲ ) means you are on the wait list;
        a green check mark ( ) means you are enrolled.

If you are registering by phone and a class is full, you will automatically be added to the wait list if available.

The following will prevent your being moved from the wait list to a class :

  • Scheduling another class that conflicts with that time frame or enrolling in another section of the class for which you are waiting.
  • Having more than 18 credits including the wait list class.
  • Not meeting all prerequisites or being otherwise not eligible to take the class ( holds, repeats).

Once you are on a wait list:

  • You must check your schedule every morning to see if the class has been automatically added to your schedule.
  • After you are enrolled, you must pay for the class by 5 p.m. on the next business day.
  • If you change your mind, click the trashcan under Delete to remove the class. 
  • Keep in mind that you will be enrolled from the wait list in the order you were added but only if you are eligible.
  • After the session begins, you will no longer be enrolled from the wait list.
  • If you are automatically enrolled from the wait list but change your mind, you must drop the course before the deadline to avoid owing the tuition for the course.

Questions?   Look for the Student Wait List handout on campus or view the tutorial online at: www.nvcc.edu/novaconnect/student/waitlist.htm

If you use the wait list, you are responsible for checking your schedule every morning to see if you have been enrolled in the class.