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What are Census Dates and Why are they Important?

Begin Promptly...Attend Regularly

When you register for a class at NOVA, you are making a commitment to attend the class regularly, either in person or online. Since the Commonwealth of Virginia contributes a significant portion of your educational costs, you must establish your attendance or participation early in the semester, rather than taking a seat that might have gone to another student.

If you do not attend at least one class meeting or participate in a Distance Learning class by the Census Date (Last Day to Drop with a Tuition Refund), your class registration will be administratively deleted.

Administrative deletion means:

  • there will be no record of the class or any letter grade on your transcript;
  • the course credits will be deducted from your course load;
  • the reduction of credits may affect your student status (full-time or part-time); and
  • you will not receive a tuition refund.

Spring 2011 Census Dates are as follows:

  • First 8-week session in-person classes –  January 18
  • 16-week session in-person classes –  January 27
  • Second 8-week session in-person classes  – March22

ELI/Distance Learning Census Dates:

  • First 8-week session – January 18
  • First 12-week session -  January 22
  • First 16-week session January 28
  • Second 8-week session – March 22
  • Second 12-week session - February 12
  • Second 16-week session – February 18
  • Third 12-week session - March 5
  • Third 16-week session – March 18

For all other class lengths (dynamic session classes),the Census Date is individually set. To find theCensus Date for dynamic session classes, do the following:

  • Go to: www.nvcc.edu
  • Click on Current Students
  • Under Academics, click on Schedule of Classes
  • Click on the schedule and term from menu
  • Enter Subject Area, Campus/Center, Session (Dynamic)
  • Click Search
  • Click on the 5-digit course ID for details
  • The Census Date for that class (Drop with Refund) is
    printed on the bottom.