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HONORS CLASSES (Not offered for Summer 2010)

NOVA offers an assortment of honors classes to highly motivated students who seek a challenging academic experience. Through a variety of teaching methods, you will learn to think broadly and independently about the material covered. Honors classes, when offered, are identified in the course listings by an “H” after the listing.

For more information, contact:

Alexandria Campus: Shonette Grant, 703-845-6503 sgrant@nvcc.edu.
Annandale Campus: Richard Wilan, 703-323-3299 rwilan@nvcc.edu.
Loudoun Campus: Stacy Rice, 703-450-7716 srice@nvcc.edu, or any Loudoun Campus counselor.
Manassas Campus: Dr. Jean Goodine, 703-257-6693 jgoodine@nvcc.edu, or any Manassas Campus counselor.
Medical Education Campus: Ruth Stanton, 703-822-6679, rstanton@nvcc.edu.
Woodbridge Campus: Dr. Daniel Lewis, 703-878-5716 dalewis@nvcc.edu.