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NOVA’s weekend courses and programs are the perfect solution to your busy work/home schedules. Weekend classes (identified by the symbol “W”) are offered at all NOVA campuses. You can choose from a variety of credit courses that lead to a certificate or degree.

NOTE: If you are taking a weekend class, be aware that the “last day for tuition refund” date is different for some weekend offerings than it is for traditional weekday courses.

Parking permits are required seven days a week on all campuses. Weekend students may purchase a semester parking permit online, pay by the hour to park in the visitor's garage or pay to use metered parking.

Alexandria, Loudoun and Manassas Campus Weekend Course Offerings

The Alexandria, Loudoun and Manassas Campuses offer many classes in the weekend format, in both standard and accelerated time frames. The courses are listed under the individual campus sections of the schedule.

Annandale Campus Weekend Course Offerings

The Annandale Campus offers numerous classes in the weekend format, which are listed in the Annandale section of this schedule. Annandale also offers Weekend Studies and Weekend Express Programs, both of which are outlined below.

  • Weekend Studies Program
    The Weekend Studies Program at NOVA’s Annandale Campus enables you to earn a degree in Liberal Arts or Business Administration by attending classes Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. No special admission or special registration is required for these courses. For further information on how to earn a degree by taking classes only on weekends call 703.323.4232.
  • Weekend Express Program
    The Annandale Campus also offers Weekend Express classes in which you can complete a semester course in four weekends by attending either (1) Friday nights and Saturdays or (2) Saturdays and Sundays. Tuition and fees are the same as the other courses. Immediately after enrolling in one or more of these sections, you need to stop by the division office to obtain the assignment for the first Weekend Express class meeting. Additionally, you must report to the first class with your textbooks. Weekend Express courses are listed as “Other Sessions” under the discipline heading.

Woodbridge Campus Weekend Course Offerings           

The Weekend College at the Woodbridge Campus offers high-demand courses that meet the requirements of many degree programs. These courses meet on Fridays and Saturdays. For course times and locations, check the Woodbridge section of the course schedule.

The Woodbridge Weekend Business Program

The Woodbridge Campus offers a Weekend Business Program through which students can obtain the Associate of Science degree in Business Administration by attending classes on Fridays and Saturdays. No special admission to the Weekend Program is required. For further information call 703.878.5712.