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Financial Aid Web site:

NOVA’s financial aid programs can make your college education more affordable than you thought possible. Our need-based programs provide scholarships, grants, loans and work-study opportunities that are sponsored by the federal and state governments and the College. Need-based financial aid is not available to international students, although many students can qualify for loans without demonstrating need.

If you wish to be considered for financial aid for Spring 2009, you must complete the 2008-2009 FAFSA and submit all documents no later than November 17 in order to receive an offer of financial aid in sufficient time to pay your tuition and fees.  After this date, awards will continue to be made retroactively and funds will be disbursed after the add/drop period to the student’s mailing address.  If you were a late applicant for financial aid, you must make arrangements to pay your tuition by other means to ensure that your classes are not dropped. 

To apply for financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Specialist at the Student Services Center on any NOVA campus. You can apply online at the financial aid Web site. Your eligibility is determined based on the information you file with the federal government using Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and your selection of a major in an eligible degree or certificate program. Be sure to enter NOVA’s College School Code: NVCC 003727. The FAFSA can be filed online at www.FAFSA.ed.gov or by going to the financial aid Web site.  You must also meet other federal and state eligibility criteria. While most programs require enrollment for at least six (6) semester credits, some funds are available to students enrolled for fewer than six (6) semester credits. Applicant materials may be mailed to NOVA, College Financial Aid Office, Forbes Office Center, Annandale, VA 22003-3796.

NOVA’s Student Financial Aid Services brochure provides a comprehensive description of the programs and application procedures for student aid. Copies are available from all campus Financial Aid Specialists, Student Services Centers, or the College Financial Aid Office.


IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER:  If you do not attend at least one class meeting or participate in a distance learning class by the Last Day to Drop with a Tuition Refund (also known as the Census Date*), your class registration will be administratively deleted.  This means:

  • there will be no record of the class or any letter grade on your transcript;
  • the course credits will be deducted from your course load; 
  • a reduction in credits may affect your student status -- full-time or part-time;
  • you will not receive a tuition refund;
  • your financial aid must be recalculated based on your revised enrollment status:  your financial aid award will likely change.

For financial aid purposes, dropping a class prior to the class start date or failing to begin a registered class at any point in the semester means that class cannot be counted toward your total hours and financial aid status.  If you have already received more funds than can be justified based on a revised status, you will be required to repay the overpayment.  You will not be eligible to re-enroll until the debt has been repaid.

Veterans’ Benefits
If you are applying for or are receiving educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you must contact a campus veterans’ advisor each semester to complete the necessary forms to establish and maintain your eligibility for benefits. Any changes must also be reported promptly to the veterans’ advisor. See the College Catalog or the College Web site at www.nvcc.edu/finance/vaWeb for more details.

The Virginia Military Survivors and Dependent Education Program (VMSDEP) provides eligible students enrolled in a Virginia public college or university with certain education benefits in acknowledgement of the military service and sacrifice of their military parent or spouse.  Complete details about eligibility, benefits, and application are posted on the Veterans Affairs Web site at www.nvcc.edu/finance/vaWeb.


From January 5 through January 28, 2009*, you can use your approved financial aid award to purchase books and supplies if you can answer “YES” to the following questions:

Are you enrolled in classes?
Financial aid awards are based on full-time enrollment (12+ semester credits). If you are enrolled for fewer credits, you will not have as much money available for tuition, fees, and books. Be sure that you are satisfied with your enrollment before going to the bookstore; if you add a class, you may need additional money to pay your tuition. If you drop a class, you may end up owing money to the College.  Use NOVAConnect to navigate to our new anticipated aid page:  >Self Service >Student Center >Financial Aid >Student Anticipated Aid.  Click the Calculate/Recalculate button to see estimated aid based on current enrollment.

Do you have an approved financial aid award?
You have approved financial aid if you have received an award letter. You must have a completed promissory note and entrance interview to use your student loan at the bookstore. To check your award status online, go to www.nvcc.edu/NOVAConnect. (Sorry, work-study awards may not be used to buy books.)

Do you have a NOVACard with your student ID number displayed on the front?
If not, you can go to NOVACard Services at any campus to obtain one.

Is your account free of holds?
If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to purchase books with financial aid.

*Dates apply to 16 week session; financial aid may be used to purchase books beginning 10 days before the first class through the census date