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NVCC is a public community college with financial support from the Commonwealth of Virginia. During 2002-2003, state general funds support of the College was 46% of the actual cost of operating the College. The remaining revenue was provided from student tuition and other sources.

The total cost of enrollment at NVCC is based upon a charge per credit hour. The charge consists of tuition and fees as follows:


Virginia Students

Virginia Contract Students*

Out-of-State Students






Technology Fee





Facilities Fee





Student Activities Fee





Per Credit





*Virginia Contract Students—This rate applies to out-of-state students whose Virginia employer or federal agency in Virginia has entered into a contractual relationship with NVCC.

Tuition is the same for credit and audit courses.

Tuition Deadlines. If you enroll between November 15 and December 15, payment for all classes is due December 15, 2004, by 5:00PM.

Beginning December 16, 2004, and thereafter, payment for all classes is due the day of enrollment or your classes will be dropped! Payment by credit card using NovaConnect is due by midnight on the day on which you enroll. Other forms of payment (check and cash) must be received no later 5:00PM EST or the close of business on days with extended hours at a campus Business Office on the day you enroll. You may enroll and pay at different times during the day, but payment must be received the same day you enroll for your class to be protected.

Check the College Web site or call the Tuition and Fees Hotline (703-323-3803) for Business Office hours at each campus.

If you have sufficient approved or anticipated financial aid or a current tuition assistance agreement (third-party contract), your classes will be protected. If anticipated financial aid or your contract is not sufficient to pay all tuition and fees, you must pay the difference by the due date above or NovaConnect will drop you from classes.

To maintain control of your schedule, you must:
(1) Pay for all enrolled classes; or
(2) Drop any classes you do not intend to pay for or attend by the deadline; or
(3) Verify sufficient anticipated financial aid or tuition assistance exists to cover all of your enrollments.

Use NovaConnect to verify your enrollments and payments (allow up to 48 hours for all payments to be posted on NovaConnect).

If you need help paying tuition and fees, consider using the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan or applying for financial aid.

Types of Payment. You may pay by any of the following methods:

FACTS Tuition Payment Plan—For a non-refundable fee ($35, $40 or $45 depending on the number of payments selected), FACTS allows students to pay their tuition in monthly (2-4 months), interest-free payments. The earlier students enroll in the program, the more likely the lowest monthly payment option will be available. For more information or to enroll online go to

NOTE: If you are using FACTS to pay your tuition, enroll in FACTS first and wait until the next business day to enroll in your classes or you may be dropped for non-payment.

Credit Card—Visa and MasterCard are accepted over NovaConnect. Click on the “Make a Payment” button on the Web page and follow the instructions for a credit card payment. Be sure to print out a copy of your confirmation number to have for future reference. The telephone NovaConnect system is also available for credit card payments.

Check or Money Order—Mailed payments must be received by a campus Business Office no later than December 15, 2004. You may mail a check or money order to a campus Business Office; include the student’s name, EmplID number (NovaConnect ID), and the telephone number of the account’s owner. Addresses for each campus are listed under “Campus Map and Directory” in this schedule.

Cash—Cash payments are accepted only in person at the campus Business Office.

Financial Aid—To pay with approved financial aid, you must have received an Official Financial Aid Notification Letter from the NVCC College Financial Aid Office. Awards may also be viewed via NovaConnect Web. In the event your award does not fully cover your tuition/fees, please complete payments using FACTS, NovaConnect, or in person at a campus Business Office.

Contract Payment—(Third-party Contract)—You must submit contract documents to a campus Business Office. If your contract was mailed or faxed by the authorizing agency, you must notify the campus Business Office at the time you register to ensure the contract is applied to your financial account. By using an agency or employer contract/authorization, you agree to accept responsibility for the full amount of tuition if the agency/employer does not pay within 30 days after invoice.

Please verify your registration and payment status by using NovaConnect. You may also make separate or additional credit-card payments after registration by using NovaConnect. We urge you to visit NovaConnect on the Web at to obtain your official course schedule. Students who have received their financial aid award letters are encouraged to verify their financial aid information on the College Web site at

In order to avoid financial responsibility, you must drop a class within the deadline if you decide not to attend. DO NOT assume you will be dropped automatically.

Tuition refunds are not automatic, except for courses cancelled by the College. If you wish to drop a course, you must either use NovaConnect or complete a form 125-28, Registration and Tuition Worksheet (located in the printed schedule or online at and submit it to a campus Admissions and Records Office in person, by mail, or FAX. See campus FAX numbers listed in the front of this schedule. However the Registration and Tuition Worksheet is submitted, it must be received in the Admissions and Records Office by the end of posted business hours on the last published drop date. If the drop form is received after that date, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund.

The last date that you may drop a course and receive a refund is indicated in the “Important Dates” page in the Schedule of Classes or in the College Calendar at (ELI refund dates are included in the course information sent to you.) If the College cancels a course or you drop a full 16-week semester course by January 23, 2005 (or within the first 15% of a shorter term course), you are eligible for a refund and the course will be deleted from your record. No refunds will be made after the specified dates.

Only credit card payments made through the NovaConnect Web site will receive an automatic refund to the credit card if a class is dropped or cancelled. Credit card refunds will not be processed at the campus Business Offices. All refunds for payments not made on the Web are processed by the Virginia State Treasurer’s Office after the published add/drop period and should be received by mail within a few weeks of that date. Refund checks, except those requested by students who presented employer contracts, will be made payable to the student.

As provided by federal regulation, if you receive Title IV (federal student aid) financial aid and you withdraw from all your classes within 60% of the enrollment period, you are subject to having a portion of your financial aid returned to the program based on the date of your withdrawal. Such refunds are credited to the student aid programs from which you received aid. The College’s calculated portion of unearned aid will result in debt to the student that blocks all College services until paid. These policies are available from the College Financial Aid and Business Offices.


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