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Firearms/Dangerous Weapons & Materials Policy

NOVA’s weapons on campus policy defines “weapons” and identifies who may carry them on campus, a process to grant exceptions and potential responses to violations. The Policy contains the following general provisions:

  • The only persons who are authorized to bring weapons on campus and into NOVA buildings and college-sponsored events are currently sworn and certified law enforcement officers.
  • NOVA faculty, staff and students, if they hold a valid concealed carry permit, may bring a weapon on campus but it must be secured in a locked vehicle and completely out of sight. Under no circumstances are NOVA personnel allowed to carry a weapon (either in open view or concealed) on NOVA grounds, bring a weapon into a building, or carry a weapon at a NOVA event.
  • Visitors, not affiliated with the College, are entitled to carry a weapon in plain view on public property within or adjoining a campus. However, they may not bring a weapon into a NOVA building or a sponsored college event.

View The Policy in it's entirety: NOVA Police Website

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

The serving, possessing and consuming of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at college-sponsored events or activities.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

NOVA has a zero tolerance policy. Students and employees of NOVA shall not possess, sell, use, manufacture, give away or otherwise distribute illegal substances including drugs or where prohibited, alcohol while on campus, attending a college-sponsored off-campus event or while serving as a representative of the college at off-campus meetings. Students and employees who violate this policy will be subject to arrest and disciplinary action by the College imposed through established due process procedures. The college will notify its police department when its rules regarding illegal substance have been violated.

Timely Warning Policy

The campus police will provide a timely warning to the campus community whenever a situation arises that constitutes an on-going or potential threat to our students or employees. It is the college policy to post these notices on bulletin boards on campus, on the college website and or make email notifications to faculty and students. The NOVA Alerts text messaging system may be utilized depending on the nature of the incident.

Sexual Assault Rights & Policies

Policies & Procedures Concerning Security, Access & Maintenance of Campus Facilities

Campus buildings and equipment are maintained by college facilities personnel and are patrolled by the Campus Police. The college campuses; including all buildings, grounds and roadways are maintained with concern for safety and security. Campus buildings and equipment are inspected regularly, needed repairs are promptly made and any potential hazards are promptly addressed.

Campus buildings are secured each evening when classes are finished and are opened daily for the start of classes by college employees or the Campus Police.

Off-Campus Monitoring & Recording

NOVA operates no off-campus housing or off-campus student organization facilities. However, if any NOVA student is involved in an off-campus offense, NOVA police officers will assist with the investigation in cooperation with local, state and federal law enforcement.