Since your health is an important factor in your success as a student, the College encourages wellness through a program of information and services. Throughout the academic year opportunities are provided to attend presentations, workshops, and discussions both on campus and in the community on health and wellness. Because the College’s faculty, staff, and student community is diverse, special presentations of interest to women, older students, students with disabilities, etc., are given special focus.

You are encouraged to be prepared for the need of medical care by having appropriate accident and sickness insurance. As a resource, the dean of Student Development on each campus provides a list of companies that offer student health insurance programs. Though there is no clinic on campus, basic first aid is available through the campus police. Each campus is close to emergency medical services and clinics and hospitals are readily available.

Health and wellness opportunities are available through fitness facilities on campus and intramural activities. Each degree curriculum requires a minimum of one credit of physical education.



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