As a student at Northern Virginia Community College, you may have access to and use of information technology applications, services, and resources as part of your enrollment. As an enrolled student, you are provided with a LAN (Local Area Network) official VCCS account (EmplID/Student ID/NovaConnect ID) that assigns you a student e-mail account, allows you to access campus computer workstations, and to use the Student Information System (NovaConnect). NovaConnect allows you to enroll and pay for courses using the Web or telephone. You are responsible for checking your e-mail regularly for College announcements on student services or messages from instructors and classmates. In order to insure your privacy, the College will use your official College e-mail address. You can forward messages to another e-mail address if you choose.

The Virginia Community College System has established a student ethics agreement for the use of college computer information technology. Your use of this technology is limited to your role as a student at the College, and there are certain security procedures that you are expected to observe. Copies of the “Information Technology Student/Patron Ethics Agreement” have been posted in computer laboratories, libraries, and other areas where access to college computer services is available. You may obtain a copy of this agreement and the Computer Ethics Guideline from the dean of Student Development Office.



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