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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Northern Virginia Community College provides equitable access to affordable and exceptional higher education and workforce programs, transforming the lives of our students and advancing opportunity in our community.

Our Vision

To be a learning-centered organization that promotes student success.

Our Core Values

Care is demonstrated at NOVA through a culture of compassion where success and well-being are prioritized in our commitment to developing authentic relationships and providing resources to foster a supportive and thriving community.

Excellence is demonstrated at NOVA through our high quality and cutting-edge programs; innovative, talented and experienced faculty and staff; and strong and effective relationships with employer and university partners—all to ensure our students are ready for graduation, transfer and high-demand careers.

Inclusion is demonstrated at NOVA through our intentional commitment to welcoming, supporting and engaging diverse people and perspectives so that a sense of belonging is cultivated throughout our college community.

Integrity is demonstrated at NOVA through adherence to principles and actions that foster accountability, honesty and trustworthiness; commitment to truth and fairness is ensured by ethical, equitable and professional behavior, and prioritizing the needs of students and the community we serve.

Respect is demonstrated at NOVA through treating each other with courtesy and dignity, acknowledging and valuing differing ideas and perspectives, affirming the uniqueness of every individual and being mindful of personal boundaries.

NOVA Strategic Plan 2017-2023: Pathway to the American Dream

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) engaged in a process of identifying and articulating primary strategic priorities for the College’s sixth decade of service to Northern Virginia and the Commonwealth. Building upon the creativity, goodwill, seriousness and perseverance of the NOVA community, NOVA used this planning effort to design a strong and sustainable future for the College that rests upon three pillars: 1) every student succeeds, 2) every program achieves and 3) every community prospers. Most importantly, these pillars ensure that NOVA has its greatest impact on the socio-economic mobility of our students and the prosperity of our region.

This document describes the strategic planning process and its context and purposes. It also outlines the priorities NOVA is focused on and describes the goals, objectives and activities through which the College will achieve these priorities.

See NOVA's Strategic Plan


The vision of NOVA is to be a learning-centered organization that promotes student success.