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Crime Log: Clery Act Compliance

Crimes may not be in chronological order. The most recent crimes are at the top of the Crime Log. Hard copies are also available at the College Police Offices.


According to Virginia State Code, 23-232.2 an institution may withhold any of the required fields of entry, i.e. the nature, time, location and/or disposition if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The disclosure is prohibited by law.
  2. If disclosure would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual.
  3. If disclosure would cause a suspect to flee or evade detection.
  4. If disclosure would result in the destruction of evidence.

The following is terminology used to complete the Disposition section of the NOVA Police Department Crime Log:

  • Accidental - A call or incident was unintentional, unintended or inadvertent.
  • Advised - An officer/dispatcher cleared the call with a warning, information passed onto another party or other party was made aware of the incident.
  • Assisted - Cleared by successfully providing service.
  • Canceled by Reporting Party - The caller cancels their request.
  • Cleared by Arrest - Cleared by subject being taken into custody and taken to jail/magistrate or summons is issues for a criminal violation of the law.
  • Duplicate Call - Another call was already received and dispatched for same incident.
  • False Call - A call that is fictitious.
  • Field Interview - An interview of a subject or other parties involved in the incident was obtained and documented.
  • Gone on Arrival - The subject has left the scene.
  • Report Taken - The call or incident was documented by entering an Incident Based Report (IBR) or completing an FR-300.
  • TOT - The incident or call was turned over to another party.
  • Unfounded - The call or incident is not based on fact or sound evidence , groundless or baseless.
  • No Police Action - The call or incident did not require any law enforcement action or services.
  • Info Enhance - Information between parties was exchanged (traffic accidents only).
  • Opened in Error - The call was initiated in error.
  • Other - Disposition not listed above.