The Medical Education Campus operated in collaboration with George Mason University and Virginia Commonwealth University opened in the fall of 2003. This new center is located on 6699 Springfield Center Drive in Springfield on 5.9 acres that are situated south of Springfield Mall and east of Interstate 95. The Medical Education building has three floors including a medical mall that provides health care services, state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, a technology-based library, conference rooms, and an event center. There is a six-level parking garage for faculty, staff, students, patients, and the public. The Medical Education Campus offers all the health-related programs that were offered at the Annandale Campus. A shuttle bus is available for transportation between the center and the metro station. Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University offer undergraduate and graduate programs at the center through a unique academic allied health and nursing pathway that includes dual enrollment for area high school students enrolled in college-level courses.

Center Telephone Metro (703) 822-6500

Campus Staff




  Dr. Charlene W. Connolly HE205E (703) 822-6699  
Dean of Student Development      
  Dr. John Thrash (AN) CG218 AN 323-3382  
Associate Dean of Student Services      
  Beatrice Veney HE203A 822-6537  
MEC Assistant to the President      
  Brian P. Foley HE204D 822-6515  
Dean of Allied Health Division      
  Dr. Judy Horton (Acting) HE205D 822-6694  
Dean of Nursing and Surgical Technology Division      
  Dr. Florence Richman HE205C 822-6695  
Business Manager      
  David Karstens (WO) WC231 878-5701  
Associate Business Manager      
  Jamey M. Long HE204E 822-6514  
Information Technology Support Services      
  Jeff Howlett, IT Manager HE323 822-6666  
  Peter de Geus HE117 822-6605  
Police and Public Safety HE102 822-6677  
Continuing Education& Workforce Development      
  Ronda Hall HE205B 822-6696  
Grants Programs      
  College Career Transitions Initiative (CCTI)      
  Charles Whitehead, Director HE202B 822-6533  
  Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP)      
  Cheryl Bailey, Director HE203C 822-6530  
Grants Development      
  Gail Jackson HE209 822-6617  

A--Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
B--Student Parking
H--Handicapped Parking
M--Motorcycle Parking
O--Official (State Vehicle) Parking
V--Visitor Parking

Building Identification
HE —Medical Education Building
HG—Parking Garage



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