The Annandale Campus is located at 8333 Little River Turnpike on a 76.4-acre site in central Fairfax County, one mile west of the Capital Beltway, Interstate Route 495, on Route 236. This campus has the College administration building, the campus administrative services building, classroom buildings, science building, library building, TV/technical building, nursing building, and the community cultural center.

Campus Staff




  Dr. Barbara Saperstone CG202 (703) 323-3222  
Dean of Student Development      
  Dr. John W. Thrash CG218 323-4441  
Dean of Business and Public Services Division      
  Dr. Barbara C. Howard CC220A 323-3157  
Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Division      
  John Ehle, Jr. (Acting) CM342 323-3189  
Dean of Languages and Literature Division      
  Gerald Boyd CC120 845-6341  
Dean of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Division      
  Dr. Susan F. Wagner CT336 323-3109  
Coordinator, Evening Administration      
  Dr. Andrew S. Goldstein CG112C 323-3723  
Adjunct Faculty/Extended Day Services      
  Ethel Brent DeLaney CG112B 323-3169  
Admissions and Records      
  Harold T. Corker CG206 323-3400  
  Chris Fuller CG124 323-3185  
  Amy Randolph, General Manager CG124 323-3185  
Business Office      
  Jerre Kilgore, Business Manager CG202 323-3131  
Student Activities      
  Sherri Anna Robinson, Counselor CF224 323-3455  
  Kerry Coleman-Proksch, Counselor CF228 323-2169  
Community Education      
  Martha E. Kossoff CE202 323-3168  
Continuing Education & Workforce Development      
  Dr. Robert R. Vaughn CE202 323-4068  
Cooperative and Internship Education      
  Dr. Lisa R. O’Quinn CF213B 323-3164  
Counseling Services      
  Dr. Joyce Bryant CG205 323-3200  
Learning Resource Services      
  Dr. Gen Sen Chu, Director CG402 323-3066  
Academic Support Services CG408 323-2221  
Information Technology and AV Services CG402 323-3257  
Library CG300 323-3128  
Technology Learning Center CG413 323-3771  
Testing Center CG404 323-3149  
Old Dominion University TELETECHNET      
  Karen Goodwin CT403 323-3769  
Campus Police      
  Chief James Kalletta CI Bldg. 323-3111  
Veterans Advisor      
  Steve C. Smith CG206 323-3145  

C--Faculty/Staff Parking
B--Student Parking
E--Community Center Parking
H--Handicapped Parking
M--Motorcycle Parking
V—Visitor Parking

Building Identification
CC--Classroom Building
CE--Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center
CF--Food Services Building
CG--Godwin Building
CH--Brault Building (College Services)
CI--Security and Information Building
CM--McDiarmid Building
CN--Nursing Building
CP—Physical Plant Building
CS--Shuler Building
CT--TV Tech Building



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