Schedule of Classes: Fall 2014

Registration for New Students

Start StrongEffective Fall 2014, all first-time-to-college students (ages 17–24) and Pathway to the Baccalaureate students must take the following steps:

Step 1: Apply for Admission Online
If you are attending NOVA for the first time and are 17–24 years of age, you are considered a new student and must submit an Application for Admission to NOVA. Apply online or you can also print an application form online and drop it off at a Student Services Center. Online applications can be processed within 24 to 48 hours. If you apply in person or by mail, it may take longer.

NOVA has an open-door admission policy. This means that any high school graduate can take advantage of the many learning opportunities we offer. Individuals who are 18 years of age or older but do not have a high school diploma or GED can also be admitted if they show proficiency in reading, writing, and math through testing at NOVA.

Step 2: Take Placement Tests
NOVA does not require SAT scores or similar entrance examinations for admission. However, as a first-time-to-college student (ages 17–24), you are expected to demonstrate the required levels of reading, writing, or math for the courses you wish to take. Test results will show whether you need developmental courses to prepare you academically for college-level work. Discover resources to help you prepare for placement tests.

Placement tests are offered at all campus Testing Centers at no charge. You will need to bring a photo ID card and your NOVA Student ID number. Allow approximately two hours for each test.

Step 3: Activate Your E-mail Account
You must establish a NOVA e-mail account and check it frequently. Our faculty and staff will only contact you via your NOVA e-mail account about class assignments, course announcements, and updates on your financial aid status. You may also be asked to return classwork by e-mail. For instructions on setting up your account, click here.

Step 4: Attend Required Student Orientation
Your next Step is to attend a Student Orientation session. During Student Orientation, you will meet with your academic advisor, register for classes, and learn about available student resources. You will also learn where to buy books and how to purchase a parking permit. Students with disabilities can meet with the counselor for disability services; financial aid and veterans advisors are also available.

Step 5: Enroll in Required SDV 100 or 101
All first-time-to-college students (ages 17–24) must enroll in a one-credit Student Development course (SDV 100 or SDV 101). College Success Skills (SDV 100) helps students make a successful transition to college. The course provides students with academic tools for success and teaches self-management and self-responsibility skills that relate to being a successful student. Students will also learn about NOVA policies, procedures, and resources, giving them the tools they need to navigate the College successfully. Students in healthcare, teacher education, information technology, business, and horticulture programs may substitute SDV 101 Orientation (which is targeted to a specific discipline) for the SDV course.

Step 6: Enroll in Development Courses During First Semester, if Required
Developmental courses prepare students to succeed in college transfer and career/technical programs. These English (ENF) and mathematics (MTT) courses are designed to develop the basic skills and understanding needed for success in other courses. ENF courses are offered in various formats. MTT courses use individualized technology-based instruction. If you have any questions, check with a counselor or academic advisor.

Step 7: Pay Your Tuition
You will NOT be billed for tuition. Click here for tuition payment information. If you enroll in classes by July 27, payment for all classes is due July 28 by 5:00 p.m. Beginning July 28, the payment deadline for any classes in which you enroll is 5:00 p.m. the next business day. Business days are Monday through Saturday. The College may cancel your enrollment if classes are not paid by you or a third party (including financial aid) by the deadline.

You are financially responsible for all classes for which you register. If you decide not to take a class, you must drop it through NOVAConnect or visit a campus Student Services Center to drop it officially by the stated deadline; otherwise, you will be charged for that class and may receive a failing grade.

To pay your tuition in installments, enroll in NOVA’s Tuition Payment Plan before your due date, or by 5:00 p.m. the day after you register.

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