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Advisor Center Quick Guide

  1. Open a browser and type in the URL to access the NVCC Homepage (https://www.nvcc.edu).
    The NVCC Homepage displays.

    Home Page

  2. Click on the yellow myNOVA tab at the top right corner of the NVCC Homepage.
    The Academic Tools screen displays.

    Academic Tools

  3. Click on the green myNOVA button on the Academic Tools screen to access the myNOVA Login Portal screen.
    The myNOVA Login Portal screen displays.

    Login Screen

  4. Enter your myNOVA log in Username and Password and then click on Sign In.
    The myNOVA Main Menu displays.


    NOTE: The options available to you on this menu such as Canvas, Gmail, SIS, AIS (Finance), and HR will vary based on your security access.

  5. Click on SIS-Student Information System.


    The SIS-Self Service screen displays.

    SIS Main Menu

  6. Click on Advisor Center.
    The Advisor Center screen displays.

    Advisor Center

  7. Click on My Advisees.
    The My Advisees screen displays.

    Advisor Center

  8. Click on View Student Details for the Advisee of your choice.
  9. If you are advising a student who is not listed as your Advisee, click on View Data for Other Students and enter the Student's ID.

    The Advisee Student Center screen for the selected student displays. The information on this and subsequent screens is exactly what the student can see when she/he goes to her/his own Student Center.

    Advisee Student

  10. Click on:
    1. My Class Schedule to view the student's class schedule.
    2. Shopping Cart to view the classes the student may have placed in her/his shopping cart in preparation for enrollment.
    3. My Planner to view the classes the student may have placed in her/his student planner in preparation for enrollment or to use in course planning for the degree or certificate in which she/he is placed.
  11. Click on the down arrow next to other academic and then the GO arrows to access the Advisee Requirements screen for selected student.

    Advisee Requirements

    The Advisee Requirements for each certificate or degree plan in which the student is placed will be shown on these pages. Each plan includes the following:

    • Important Information Notes
    • Plan Introduction
    • Plan Requirements for Catalog Year (requirement term) From Student Record
    • General Education Requirements
    • Plan Specific Requirements
    • Residence Requirement
    • Plan GPA
    • Cumulative GPA and Estimated Graduation Honors
    • Unused Courses

    NOTE: ARG#xxxx and AR#xxxxx designations are for internal use only.

    Satisfied requirements are collapsed; requirements that are not satisfied are expanded. Click expand all to see all requirements and details.

    Click view report as .PDF to view a print version of the Advisement Report. The following additional information is included on the .PDF version:

    • Course History by Term
    • Test Scores
    • Student Groups
    • Milestones
    • Transcript Summary

    The Advisee Student Center screen also provides the student’s Personal Information such as mailing address, phone #, VCCS Student Email, Demographic Data, and Emergency Contact.

    The right side of screen provides:

    Advisee Student Center

    • Holds - Negatives such as financial debts, academic standing such as probation or suspension; Positive such as Dual Enrollment Contract.
    • To Do List - Financial Aid information that students must complete.
    • Milestones - Member of PTK or Honors Core Curriculum.
    • Enrollment Dates - Appointment dates for enrollment or open enrollment dates
    • Advisor - assigned advisor(s)

    Click Details link for additional information.

    Additional tabs within the Advisor Center provide student record information such as transfer credit and academic details such as Primary Program and Plan, Approved Academic Load, Term Statistics, etc.

NOTE: When you are finished, always remember to Sign Out to ensure the security and privacy of your account information.


For assistance or questions on these procedures, contact the IT Help Desk.