Schedule of Classes: Summer 2014

Honors Program and Classes

NOVA offers an entire Honors Program as well as individual Honors classes and Honors options in regular classes for highly motivated students who seek a challenging academic experience. You can even apply for an Honors scholarship!

Honors Program 
NOVA’s Honors Program is distinguished by its Honors Core Curriculum, comprised of a set of general education courses applicable to most degree programs. When you successfully complete the Honors Core Curriculum and your degree requirements, you will receive a designation on your diploma and official transcript.

Honors Classes and Honors Options 
Not interested in the full Honors Program, but still looking for some academic challenge? You may be able to take one or more Honors classes with the approval of the division, course instructor, or counselor based on your prior achievement or faculty recommendation. Honors classes are identified by an “H” after the course listings.

When you take an Honors class, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Smaller class sizes, usually no more than 16 students;
  • Student-led discussions;
  • Seminar-style classrooms, when possible;
  • Collaboration with a community of learners with similar academic goals; and
  • Access to multi-disciplinary approaches to learning.

You can also pursue an Honors option. These are regular course sections in which you complete a special Honors component of the course. You will receive an Honors designation for that course upon successful completion of the component.

Honors Admission Information 

To learn about Honors Program admission requirements, Honors classes, and Honors option courses, visit the Honors website. It will answer many of your questions and provide links to forms you will need to complete.

You can also contact the Student Services Center on the campus you attend or one of the following Honors chairs: