Definitions of Important Terms:

Application for Admission – The form (NVCC 125-30) you submit in order to be accepted into the College.
Admission – The process of being accepted into the College.
Continuing student – Student who has attended NVCC during any of the preceding nine terms (three years). After three years' absence you are considered a “Returning Student” and will need to reapply online (preferred), in person, or by mail.
Curriculum – Degree or certificate program of study, such as Nursing or Business Administration.
Enrollment or Registration – The process of selecting, signing up and paying for courses at NVCC.
Drop – To delete a course from your enrollment during the refund period. The course will not appear on your record.
Reapply – To submit a new application if you have not attended during the last nine terms (three years).
Transient Student – A student who is admitted to or attending another college, but wants to take one or more courses at NVCC, usually for transfer purposes or to satisfy prerequisites for their own college.
Withdraw – To delete a course from your enrollment after the refund period is over. The course stays on your record with a grade of W. Failure to withdraw properly may result in a grade of “F” or “U,” so do not simply stop attending.

New Student Enrollment Begins May 23, 2006, (

Step 1 Apply for Admission and Financial Aid

  • If you are attending NVCC for the first time or returning after three years of non-attendance, you must submit an Application for Admission. Apply online at on the box that says "Apply Online."

  • If you wish to apply for student financial aid (grants, loans, work-study), complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) at least four weeks prior to the payment deadline. You may submit an online FAFSA at See the Financial Aid section of this Schedule for more information.

  • If you believe you qualify for in-state tuition rates, you must also complete the in-state tuition section of the application form, prior to enrollment and payment of tuition. You can apply online at or submit your application to any campus. If you apply in person, there will be a delay of up to 48 hours following receipt of your application before you can enroll for classes.

  • If you wish to pay in installments, you must enroll in the FACTS program prior to your tuition due date. For more information or to enroll online, go to

Step 2 Pick up your NVCC Catalog
The NVCC Catalog describes degree and certificate programs offered at NVCC, courses, and college policies. Each new student who submits an application will be given a free copy of the catalog. Students who apply will receive a welcome letter or, in the case of non-U.S. citizens or applicants whose native language is not English, a letter confirming receipt of the student's application and instructions on what to do next. Applicants may bring this letter to any campus Student Services Center or to the Extended Learning Institute and pick up a free copy of the Catalog. You also may access the catalog at

Step 3 Take Placement Tests
Most new students should take the English and math placement tests. The tests are given at the Testing Center at each campus. A photo ID and a NovaConnect Student ID# are required. Allow approximately two hours for each test. If you have questions about whether you need to take a placement test, please see a counselor.

Step 4 See a Counselor
If you are attending NVCC for the first time, you are encouraged to speak with a counselor before enrolling for classes. Walk-in advising is available at each campus. Students with disabilities can meet with the counselor for Disability Services.

Step 5 Enroll for Classes (beginning May 23)
To enroll for classes, use NovaConnect on the Web at or the NovaConnect telephone enrollment system at 703-323-3770 or 703-330-3770 (Prince William County). See the NovaConnect Telephone Enrollment Helpful Hints section of this Schedule. Mailed or faxed schedule planning worksheets will not be processed. First-time students are encouraged to enroll in SDV 100 or another Student Development course during their first semester. You may check for open classes on the Web at
**IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the “class note” symbol at the end of the line in each course listing in NovaConnect to find out all the important course details.

Step 6 Pay Your Tuition

  • If you enrolled in the FACTS Deferred Tuition Payment Plan, see the FACTS Web site for payment schedule.

  • If you enroll for classes by July 24, 2006, payment for all classes is due July 25 by 5:00PM. In most cases, classes not paid for may be dropped after that date. Beginning May 1, the tuition for any classes you enroll in must be paid before the end of the next business day, or those classes may be dropped!

  • Payments by check, cash, or money order may be made in person at any campus Business Office during posted business hours. Check or money order payments also may be mailed to any campus Business Office but must be received by 5:00PM the day of your payment deadline. Business Offices also accept contract authorizations. For wire transfer of funds from a bank, contact a campus Business Manager or the Cashier for instructions.

  • To pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), pay online using NovaConnect by clicking the “Make A Payment” button in the Financial Services area. Then follow the instructions. The system can take a few minutes to process your payment. Do not click the payment button more than once! Be sure to print a copy of the confirmation number for future reference. You may also use the NovaConnect telephone system to make a credit card payment.

  • Refunds to your credit card are only available for payments made on NovaConnect Web. All other refunds will be issued as checks payable to the student. Your refund will not be processed unless all debts to the College have been paid. Refunds for other services (i.e., parking) must be requested from the office providing the service.

  • Financial Aid: If your anticipated financial aid award is enough to cover your entire tuition, your classes will be held until it arrives. View your anticipated aid on NovaConnect under Learner Services > Finances > Account Summary or > Make A Payment. If your award is not enough to cover your entire balance by the deadline, you risk losing classes unless you:

    • Pay the balance by the deadline, or

    • Enroll in the FACTS tuition payment plan prior to the tuition due date, or

    • Apply for a student loan to cover the additional costs if you are eligible.

Step 7 Check Your Enrollment Schedule
You can print a copy of your enrollment schedule using the NovaConnect Web site at You also can check your classes and payment status by calling telephone enrollment (Step 6). It is your responsibility to check for errors. Please verify that you have enrolled for the courses that you intended to select. It is important to print a copy of your enrollment schedule every time you make changes to your schedule.

Step 8 Buy Your Books
Print your schedule of classes and take it to the campus bookstore where the course is taught, or buy your books online at


Step 9 Buy a Parking Permit
Permits are required for all vehicles parked in all lots except at parking meters and hourly pay lots. Student permits are valid only in “B” lots. Beginning July 14, you may purchase a fall 2006 permit with your credit card 24 hours after you enroll for classes by logging onto the Parking Services Web page at Permits are also available by cash or check at College Parking Offices. Beginning the first day of classes, August 21, credit cards will also be accepted at the College Parking Office. The charge for a parking permit is $55.00 per semester/session. Parking permits are required for all semesters/sessions of enrollment. Fall session enforcement begins at 6 a.m. on September 5, 2006. To use the parking garages at the Annandale and Medical Education Campuses, you must have a NOVACARD ID as well as a parking permit. Hourly pay parking is also available in the garages for those who do not have a current permit and ID card.

Step 10 Get Your NOVACARD Student Identification Card
You can obtain your NOVACARD a minimum of 24 hours after you enroll for classes. Your first NOVACARD is free. It serves as your library card and also can be used for copying and printing on campus. The NOVACARD is also required for valid permit holders who wish to use the Annandale or Medical Education garages. For more information on the NOVACARD, go to

Step 11 Activate Your Free Student E-mail Account
To protect student privacy, instructors may only use a student's official NOVA e-mail address. Instructors frequently issue assignments by e-mail, and students may e-mail in their work. Other administrative offices at the College use electronic mail to communicate with students. Students may forward their e-mail to another account if they choose. You will receive updates on course changes and other pertinent information through your NOVA e-mail account. For instructions on using your account go to



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