The Program

Orientation Study

Program participants participate in an intensive orientation program upon arrival to the United States. They receive ESL training, an introduction to their respective college communities and host cities.

Academic Program

Program participants complete coursework related to their field of study in Information Technology, Business Administration, Hotel Management and Tourism, Media and Journalism, Engineering, Public Saftey and Health.

Service Learning

Service Learning is another component of program participants’s integration on campus and in the community. Program participants participate in community service activities with local nonprofit organizations, join student groups to promote various causes, and participate in large scale events such as Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service.


Program participants are required to have an internship, which enables students to apply their skills and knowledge to support the work of companies and nonprofit organizations. In addition, the internship component allows program participants to gain hands-on experience, build their resume, further explore their fields of study and plan for their future careers.

Cultural Exchange

Program participants learn about American culture and society by attending local arts and cultural events, visiting schools, touring historical sites and hearing from leaders of local organizations.

Annual Retreat

The annual retreat is designed to build the leadership capacity of program participants, develop an alumni network and enable program participants to learn about United States history through excursions to monuments, museums and historical sites around DC.

Special Projects

The NOVA led Community College Consortium strongly encourages its CCIP participants to develop a product that would be used by the student, upon their return home to provide a comprehensive picture of the sum total of the student’s experience while in the CCIP. The product may be a portfolio of work, a paper on skills acquired, a reflection on the fellowship, a training or presentation manual.