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Welcome to The Community College Initiative Program

The Community College Consortium is an informal association of some of the largest community college systems located in Virginia, Arizona, California and Florida. The principal focus of the institutional partners are to utilize their combined knowledge base to support nations across the globe realize the importance of community colleges as a prime motivator and initiator of higher education. In June 2009, the four colleges, Northern Virginia Community College, City College of San Francisco, the Maricopa County Community College District and Miami Dade College came together to support a United States Department of State program under the rubric of Community College Initiative Program to bring underserved and non-elite student from selected developing countries.

The Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) provides opportunities for individuals from countries including Brazil, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Turkey, and South Africa to develop leadership, professional skills and English language proficiency, while studying at a community college in the United States.

Community Engagement Volunteer and Internship Fair Registration

The Community Engagement Volunteer and Internship Fair will take place on November 3rd, 2011 from 2:00-5:00pm in Ernst Cultural Center Theater. Come learn about internships in your field and volunteer opportunities near you. From 2:00-3:00pm our Panelists will share how volunteer and internship opportunities can enhance your academic and professional careers. From 3:00-5:00pm students will have the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions about internships and volunteer positions with representatives from organizations. Light Refreshments will be provided.