two students pose after running in a race

Brian Carolissen and Thabiso Manala of South Africa proudly smile and show their country and college pride

Student at the Grand Canyon

Ashish Dabral (India) CCIP 2013-2014 NOVA Alexandria program participants at the Grand Canyon

Group of students talking to candidate

BHCC Program Participants Participating In MA Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum Meet and Greet With Steve Grossman

students posing with guest speaker

2013-14 CCIP MDC Wolfson group at the Eco-Tourism conference with keynote speaker, Mayor Tomás Regalado of the City of Miami

Students Posing With Their Country's Flags

2014-15 Bunker Hill Community College Program Participants posing with their country's flags

group of students dirung international education week

2014-15 CCIP NOVA Annandale and Alexandria group during International Education Week

students volunteering at Coconut Grove in Miami

MDC - Kendall 2014-2015 program participants volunteering at Coconut Grove in Miami, FL

students outside the campus library

MDC - Kendall 2014-2015 program participants outside the campus library

students during International Education Week

MDC - Kendall 2014-2015 program participants during International Education Week

Community College Initiative Program

Providing opportunities for individuals from other countries to develop leadership, professional skills and English language proficiency, while studying at a community college in the United States

News & Highlights

2015-2016 CCIP Group Photos
149 students representing 12 countries

8/31/2015 by: Leeza Fernand in Program Highlight

  • Bunker Hill Community College Cohort
  • Houston Community College Cohort
  • Northern Virginia Community College – Alexandria and Annandale Cohort
  • Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Cohort
  • Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus Cohort
  • Northampton Community College Cohort
  • Kirkwood Community College Cohort
  • College of DuPage Cohort
  • Mesa Community College Cohort
  • Scottsdale Community College Cohort.

Climate Change Research Paper
2014-2015 CCIP Cohort Group Project

8/31/2015 by: Leeza Fernand in Program Highlight

The 2014-2015 CCI Cohort addressed the importance of Climate Change as part of a group effort in which participants worked together as teams to complete research papers on mutually agreed upon subtopics. The groups then presented their findings to the CCI cohort, the CCC staff, members of the US Department of State, and renowned experts in the field, during their midyear program in Washington DC. What follows is a compilation of the groups combined efforts in what turned out to be a very informative and well-researched account of the many aspects of Climate Change affecting the global environment. The topics include; Ocean Acidification And Dimming Effects Of Global Warming, Scarcity Of Fresh Water In 21st Century, Climate Change And Migration, Climate Change And Urbanization, The Effects Of Industrial Emissions On Health, Green Energy (Past, Present And Future), “It’s A Small World After All”: The Roles That The Walt Disney Company Plays On Climate Change, Role Of Renewable Energy Resources On Climate Change In Boston, and Sustainability Initiatives: The Effects Of Maricopa Community Colleges’ Initiatives Towards The Climate Change Issue.

Read the report

C.C.I.P. Logo
C.C.I.P. Logo

Community College Consortium Logo Origins

Our logo is the culmination of CCIP participants coming together to design a logo that represents their program. A competition was held, and the insignia you see above, won the prize! The focal point of the design are the three C’s intertwined with one another – and stand for Community College Consortium. Within each ‘C’ a primary element of the program is represented = Education, Community and Understanding – three pillars of CCIP intertwined with one another to create an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the participants. And lastly, the color selected, represent the most dominant common flag color in the represented countries.