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Purpose: The Surgical Technician curriculum is designed to provide students an opportunity to practice in operating rooms as a member of the surgical team. Surgical technicians fill the roles of circulator, scrub, or second assistant.

Admission Requirements:

1. High school diploma, GED; or have a license, certification or registration as a health care provider.

2. Completed high school (or college courses) in Biology or Chemistry with a C grade or better.

3. Completed college English and math placement tests and met required placement for English 111 and Math 120 or 126. Show evidence of good physical and mental health. Have CPR certification. Have completed required immunizations. Interviewed with the program head and/or instructor.

Certification Eligibility: Upon completion of this certificate, graduates are eligible to sit for the certifying examination in surgical technology offered by the Association of Surgical Technologists, Inc.

1st Sem.2nd Sem.3rd Sem.

   HLT141Medical Terminology2
   MDL108Human Pathogenic Concepts2
NUR140Introduction to Surgical Care2
NUR141Fundamentals of Surgical Care I3
NUR142Fundamentals of Surgical Care II3
   ENG111English Composition I 3
   HLT295Topics In: Pharmacology 2
   NAS150Human Biology 4
NUR295Topics In: Surgical Procedures I 4
NUR295Topics In: Surgical Procedures II 4
UR290Coordinated Practice: Surgical Tech.  5

Total Credits/Semester13175

Total credits for Surgical Technician Certificate = 35.

1 NUR 140, 141, 142 are each taught in 4-week segments in the first semester.

2 NUR 295, Surgical Procedures I, is taught the first 8-weeks of the 2nd semester and NUR 295, Surgical Procedures II, is taught the second 8-weeks.

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