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    Woodbridge Campus

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    The Woodbridge Campus is located at 15200 Neabsco Mills Road on a 109 acre site in Prince William County. The campus is adjacent to Interstate Route 95. A major (Phase II) addition to the main building was completed for spring semester, 1991. The campus also has the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) building, the temporary photography and design building, and the temporary HVAC laboratory and classroom facility.

Campus Staff Room Telephone
Campus Telephone Metro (703) 323-3000
      (703) 878-5700
  Dr. Lionel B. Sylvas 233 878-5751
Dean of Student Development    
  Dr. Tanya I. Ludutsky 256 878-5759
Chair, Division of Business and Social Sciences    
  Dr. Robert W. Wildblood 302 878-5706
Chair, Division of Communications and Humanities    
  Dr. Lynn G. Bartholome 402 878-5716
Chair, Division of Environmental and Natural Sciences    
  Dr. Alan R. Clarke 208 878-5740
Admissions and Records    
  Susan W. Liller 229 878-5738
  Denry Lawrence 126 878-5774
Business Office    
  David K. Karstens 231 878-5701
Continuing Education & Workforce Development    
  Dr. James A. Mustachio 226 878-5754
Counseling Services 202 878-5760
Financial Aid    
  Ervinia H. Miller 158 878-5726
Job Counseling Services    
  Dr. Janet K. Vitalis 202B 878-5762
Learning Resource Center    
  Dr. Gordon M. Cook 427 878-5728
  Learning Laboratory 427 878-5727
  Library 426 878-5733
Police and Public Safety    
  Lt. Terry Lund 102 878-5744
Student Activities    
  Marcus K. Lawrence 202G 878-5768
Veterans Advisor    
  Ira McClellan 158 878-5748

    A--Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
    B--Student Parking
    H--Handicapped Parking
    M--Motorcycle Parking
    O--Official (State Vehicle) Parking
    V--Visitor Parking

Building Identification
    WA--Arts Building
    WC--Classroom and Administrative Building
    WH--HVAC Lab Building
    WM--Maintenance Building
    WT--HVAC Lab Trailer

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