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    Extended Learning Institute

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    The Extended Learning Institute (ELI) provides courses for those who cannot or prefer not to attend regular classes on campus. You may be eager to learn but find it difficult or impossible to attend regular classes when they are scheduled. Instruction for ELI courses utilizes television, computers, audio and video cassette tapes, and printed materials designed especially for independent study.
    When taking an ELI course, you are not entirely on your own, although most courses are self-paced. Faculty members assigned to each course provide valuable assistance by telephone, computer conference, office visits, or through the mail. On-campus examinations are required; you may take them at any one of the five NVCC campuses.
    You may register by mail and begin most ELI courses at any time. You can also register at any of the five NVCC campuses each semester, or you may register through NOVANET. It is necessary to designate a home campus for college records and any other on-campus activities. Students who want to begin televised courses before or after they are shown on cable TV may either rent tapes or view them in a campus LRC.
    If you are a veteran and enroll in an ELI course, you will not be certified for benefits until you satisfactorily complete the course.
    The Extended Learning Institute has no classrooms or laboratories. Student services and faculty are provided by the campuses. Offices are located on Forbes Place, off Port Royal Road, behind the Ravensworth Shopping Center in Springfield.
    For additional information or assistance, see the "Extended Learning Institute Course Requirements" section of this catalog or write to the Extended Learning Institute, Northern Virginia Community College, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Virginia, 22003-3796. You may also telephone (703) 323-3368.

ELI Staff Telephone
Director of the Extended Learning Institute  
  Dr. Merrily Stover 703/323-3379
Manager of Records and Registration  
  Jayne Townend 703/323-3379

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