NVCC 1996-1997 Catalog

Manassas Campus

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The Manassas Campus is located in western Prince William County on a 100.4 acre site at 6901 Sudley Road. The campus is just north of Interstate Route 66 on State Route 234. In addition to the main building, a power technology building provides laboratories for highly specialized programs. There is also a permanent maintenance building and a temporary art laboratory building. Off-campus instruction is offered at several locations, including a local high school.
Campus Staff                            Room      Telephone
Campus Telephone                             Metro 323-3000
                                             (703) 257-6600

     Dr. Gail B. Kettlewell             MC317     ext. 6664

Dean of Student Development/Asst. for
     Instructional and Campus Development
     Dr. Anthony C. Tardd               MC110     ext. 6660

Chair, Division of
     Arts, Humanities, and Business
     Dr. Arnold J. Bradford             MA234     ext. 6681

Chair, Division of Science and
     Dr. Paul D. Scott                  MA330     ext. 6606

Admissions and Records
     Donna M. Vandevender               MC313     ext. 6624,

     Maurice Ives                       MC109     ext. 6667

Business Office
     Nancy V. Wyatt                     MC310     ext. 6628,

Continuing Education & Workforce Development
     M'Kean M. Tredway                  MA229     ext. 6634,

Counseling Services                     MC110     ext. 6610

Financial Aid
     Elizabeth L. Sears                 MC111     ext. 6675

Learning Resource Center
     Cathy E. Sabol                     MA129     ext. 6641
     Learning Laboratory                MC112     ext. 6645
     Library                            MA129     ext. 6640

Police and Public Safety
     Larry Clark                        MC309     ext. 6650

Student Activities
     Nancy B. Adams                     MC110     ext. 6665

Veterans Advisor
     Mary C. Hume                       MC313     ext. 6621

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