The Brault Building, 4001 Wakefield Chapel Road, is located on the northwest corner of the Annandale Campus at the intersection of Wakefield Chapel Road and Little River Turnpike (Route 236). College staff is housed in this facility, as well as in other locations on the Annandale Campus and off campus.

College Staff




  Dr. Robert G. Templin, Jr. CH305 (703) 323-3101/3026  
Executive Vice President, Academic and Student Services      
  Dr. John T. Dever CH310 323-3195  
Associate Vice President, Academic Services      
  Dr. Sharon N. Robertson CH316D 323-3198  
Director, Tech Prep      
  Michele Coffman CH316C 323-3008  
Associate Vice President, Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment      
  Dr. George E. Gabriel CH316B 323-3129  
Coordinator, Academic Assessment      
  Dr. Anita Dubey CH316C 323-3008  
Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services      
  Vacant CH310B 323-3273  
Director, Grants and Special Projects      
  Deborah E. Mottsman Rosen CH307 323-3154  
Director, Student Financial Aid and Support Services      
  Carol A. Mowbray FORB200 323-3199  
Vice President, Financial and Administrative Services      
  Alison W. Baker CH212 323-3122  
Budget Director      
  Ben Pittman CH214 323-3055  
  Stephen H. Mahood CH214 323-3125  
Director, Auxiliary Services and Contract Management      
  David E. Courter CH214 323-3125  
Director, Facilities Planning and Support Services      
  Donald D. DelManzo, Jr. CW307 323-3120  
Director, Human Resources      
  Myrtho Blanchard CH203 323-3361  
Director, Purchasing      
  Francisco Cividanes CW314A 323-3083  
Coordinator, Media Processing Services      
  Sandra J. Beeson CT106 323-3096  
Vice President, Instructional and Information Technology      
  Dr. Steven G. Sachs CH310D 323-3387  
Associate Vice President, Instructional Technology      
  Dr. Monica Sasscer ELI210 323-3379  
Director, Extended Learning Institute      
  Dr. Peggy A. Weissinger ELI117 323-3379  
Director, Information Technology Services      
  Lowell W. Ballard CT226 323-3278  
Director, College Information Systems      
  Arthur M. Cavanagh CT117 323-3393  
Supervisor, Programming Support Services      
  Sushama Rath CT226E 323-3020  
Director, Technical Applications Center      
  Cathy A. Simpson CT304 323-3515  
Vice President, Workforce Development      
  William H. Gary, Sr. CH305 323-2399  
Director, College Marketing and Public Affairs      
  M. Charlotte Wilhelmi CH312 323-3753  
Director, Affirmative Action/Minority and Legal Affairs      
  Everett V. Eberhardt CH210 323-3266  
Coordinator, Public Information and Publications      
  Susan E. Davis CH210 323-3196  
Executive Director, NVCC Educational Foundation      
  John J. Ruffino CH312 323-3023  


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