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Career Studies Certificate MA  

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Purpose: This career studies certificate is designed for those wishing to enhance their employment options or retrain for careers as laboratory process technicians in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other high-tech production/research facilities.

Special Curriculum Admission Requirements: Students who have not completed the required courses listed below (or their equivalent) may be concurrently enrolled in the career studies certificate with division approval. BIO 101 General Biology I BIO 120 General Zoology or BIO 110 General Botany BIO 205 General Microbiology BIO 206 Cell Biology BIO 270 General Ecology may be required for specific internships.

One Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   BIO298Seminar & Project - Biotechnology I1
   CHM241Organic Chemistry I3
   CHM245Organic Chemistry Lab I2
   ENG115Technical Writing3
   MTH181Finite Mathematics I3
   STD106Preparation for Employment1
   BIO290Coordinated Internship 3
   BIO210Media & Materials Preparation 2
   BIO298Seminar & Project - Biotechnology II 2
   CHM242Organic Chemistry II 3
   CHM246Organic Chemistry Lab II 2
   MTH241Statistics I 3
   MTH249Statistical Quality Control 1

Total Credits/Semester1316

Total credits for the Biotechnology Technician Career Studies Certificate = 29.

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