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Career Studies Certificate AN  

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Purpose: The career studies certificate in optometric technician trains individuals who are interested in providing services in vision care. The optometric technician provides delegated tasks and collects data on patients during an eye examination. An optometric technician works directly under the supervision of an optometrist. The technical training includes optical terminology, patient pre-testing skills such as tonometry, keratometry, visual acuity, color vision, visual field testing, frame selection and visual training. Credentialing is available through the American Optometric Association.

Admission Requirements:

1. Students must be admitted to NVCC at the Annandale Campus.

2 Students must attend an information session on Optometric Technology.

3. Students must qualify for or have completed ENG 111.

First Year1st Semester2ndSemester 3rd

   OPT121 Optical Theory I4
   OPT123Optical Theory III3
   OMP105Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology of the Eye 3
   OPT130Optometric Practice Management 2
   OPT196On-Site Training I 2
   OPT141Optometric Clinical Procedures I  3
   OPT231Contact Lenses  4

Total Credits/Semester877

Second Year 1st Semester

OMP 196 On-Site Training II 3 OPT 143 Optical Business Topics 1 SPD 126 Interpersonal Communications 3 __ Total Credits/Semester 7

Total credits for the Optometric Technician Career Studies Certificate = 29

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