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Associate in Applied Science Degree AN  

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Purpose: This plan of study is designed to prepare students for employment as opticians. Employees who wish to begin technical training in the workplace may earn credit through the on-site training portion of the program. Students who wish to become licensed opticians may use the on- site training portion of this program toward licensure requirements. Students in the Optician career studies certificate may apply those credits to this AAS degree program. Practicing opticians licensed in Virginia who do not have a college certificate will be eligible for advanced placement upon presenting their license.

Students must place into English 111 to enroll in this program.

First Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   ENG111College Composition I3
   OPT111Optical Finishing I4
   OPT121Optical Theory I4
   OPT196On-Site Training1
   PED116Lifetime Fitness and Wellness2
   1___ 3
   IST117Intro. to Microcomputer Software 3
   MTH120Intro. to Mathematics 3
   OPT122Optical Theory II 4
   OPT196On-Site Training 2

Total Credits/Semester1515

Second Year1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester

   OPT123Optical Theory III3
   OPT143Optical Business Topics1
OPT196On-Site Training2
___Social Science Elective3
   SPD115Small Group Communication3
   ENG115Technical Writing 3
   NAS110Elementary Physical Science 2
OPT196On-Site Training 2
   OPT221Optical Theory IV 4
___Social Science Elective 3
   BUS209Continuous Quality Improvement  3
   ___Information Systems Elective  3
OPT196On-Site Training  3
   OPT230Introduction to Contact Lenses  3

Total Credits/Semester121512

Total credits for the A.A.S. Degree in Technical Studies with an Opticianry Plan of Study = 69.

1 The Humanities/Fine Arts elective may be selected from art (ART), humanities (HUM), music (MUS), philosophy (PHI), religion (REL), sign communication (SCM), speech and drama (SPD 100, 110, 115, 126, or 229), foreign languages, or 200-level literature (ENG) courses. Elective should be selected with advice of a counselor or faculty advisor to meet requirements of transfer institution.

2 Apprenticeship equivalent to On-Site Training via Advanced Standing.

3 The social science elective may be selected from the following: economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, or sociology (includes anthropology).

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