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Career Studies Certificate AN  

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Purpose: This career studies certificate is designed to provide training for those who desire to become optometric assistants. The optometric assistant is a supporting member of the vision care team who is employed by an optometrist.

Occupational Objectives: The optometric assistant provides tasks related to practice management, assists in frame selection, orders prescribed lenses and serves as a receptionist for an optometric practice. The duties are diversified and will vary depending on the individual optometric practice.

Graduates of the Optometric Assistant Program are eligible to sit for the Optometric Assistant Examination administered by the American Optometric Society.

Prerequisite: Students must take the College placement test and be eligible for ENG 111, College Composition I, and MTH 126, Mathematics for Allied Health.

One Year1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester

   OPT121Optical Theory I4
   OPT130Optometric Practice Management3
   OMP105Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology 
   of the Eye 3
   OMP115Ophthalmic Optics & Ethics 4
OMP196On-Site Training  3
   SPD126Interpersonal Communications  3

Total Credits/Semester776

Total credits for the Optometric Assistant Career Studies Certificate = 20.

1 OMP 196 is supervised training which requires 15 hours per week at a clinical site.

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