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Student Government Association

Woodbridge Campus Student Government Association 2020-21

What is SGA?

The Student Government Association is a permanent standing entity which acts as the liaison between the student body and campus administration. Our mission is to promote awareness of campus issues, foster a sense of health and well-being, and recognize student excellence by maintaining an open dialogue between students, faculty, and administration.

What does SGA do?

Through periodic meetings, SGA members come together in consensus to discuss how we can improve the NOVA-Woodbridge experience. From hosting fundraisers for scholarships to spotlighting the many opportunities our campus has to offer, our members aim to exude exemplary leadership skills to help make your time at NOVA a meaningful experience.

SGA Officers

Leah-Ican.jpgHello, my name is Leah Ican and I’m the SGA president. I’m majoring in computer science with the goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in cryptography. I’m incredibly excited to be working as the president of NOVA-Woodbridge. This year is an extremely tumultuous period as we begin the fall semester mainly online. I hope to work with the SGA to alleviate these stressful times in various ways for the student body.




Lima-Wahedi.jpgHello! My name is Lima Wahedi and I’m the SGA vice president. My major is Pre-Nursing and plan to transfer to a nursing school. I’m excited to be part of SGA this year so that I can help lead my campus in hopes to bring everyone together as one, and make an impact with social change.



Marly-Saravia.jpgMy name is Marly Saravia and I’m the SGA secretary. I’m double majoring in psychology and cinema. After NOVA I intend to attend a four-year Virginia university. I’m excited to be part of SGA and I’m looking forward to contributing to the NOVA community!






Anna-Ramarijaona.jpgMy name is Anna Ramarijaona and I’m the SGA treasurer. I’m majoring in chemistry and plan to transfer to the University of Mary Washington. After completing my bachelor's degree, I plan to attend medical school. I’m really excited to be part of SGA and I cannot wait to help the students of the Woodbridge campus -- especially during these trying times.




Bryson-Jenkins.jpgMy name is Bryson Jenkins and I'm an SGA senator. As a computer science major, I never thought I'd get involved with anything political, but I firmly believe that if you want anything to change you must understand it. So, I'm excited to be the impartial ear of the students and try to give some clarity to the mystery that is politics.