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Standard IT Procedures


Requests for Office Moves must be submitted at least three weeks in advance, if the move is before a semester begins, and at least one week during any other times unless it is deemed an emergency. All office moves must be in the form off a ticket, which should be sent to ithelpdesk@nvcc.edu and IT Manager should be CC'd on the request.
The request must contain the following:

  • names of individuals moving
  • locations they are moving from and to (Please include the building and office number.)
  • phone extensions
  • If they are in a shared office, all equipment should be labeled so that we know we are moving the correct equipment.

*** Faculty\Staff are not allowed to move any IT Equipment on their own. All IT Equipment must be moved by IT -- monitors, computers, printers, telephones, etc.


If an instructor is in class and has a problem that prevents him/her from being able to teach their class this is considered an Emergency Issue; call 703.878.5872.

  1. Computer will not boot up (turn on) if there is no power going to the computer
  2. No Internet
  3. Phone not working
  4. Printer not working or no one is able to print in the lab
  5. Instructor's computer has no sound
  6. There is no power in your classroom or lab
  7. Instructor's computer has a virus

If there is a problem with a computer in class and there are other open stations for the student to use please move the student and submit a ticket to IT HELPDESK at ithelpdesk@nvcc.edu or 703.426.4141. Please provide as much detail about the problem as possible and the computer number.


The following are considered an Emergency Issue; call 703.878.5872.

  • Computer will not boot up or turn off
  • No Internet
  • Phone not working
  • Virus on computer

For all other problems submit a ticket to the IT HELPDESK at ithelpdesk@nvcc.edu or 703.426.4141.


Requests for software installation in Computer Labs and Classrooms must be made at least two weeks in advance of the first day the software is needed. This is to allow adequate time for testing and distribution to the computers on campus. All request must be made in the form of an IT Helpdesk Ticket and include the following information:

  • contact
  • contact’s Phone Number
  • software installation media type and Web link if applicable or the software must be dropped off to IT
  • software installation instructions, if there is a special configuration needed
  • lab or classroom -- the software needs to be installed in, this also includes OCL and Library if the software will need to be installed in either of those locations

*** Emailing WOITD (woitd@nvcc.edu): Please do not email that mailbox, we only check it once or twice a day. All requests and problems need to have a ticket associated with it, please be sure to email ithelpdesk@nvcc.edu. I am working on an auto reply for this mailbox.


When a new employee is hired a ticket needs to be put in immediately, letting IT know the following:

  1. New Employee’s Name
  2. Expected Start Date
  3. Full-Time?
  4. P-14?
  5. Is a phone currently in the office location?
  6. If yes, what is the current extension?
  7. If no, will a new phone be needed? (If so, please indicate this on the 105-45e, so that one can be sent for the employee)
  8. Network Device Drives Needed
  9. Room Location
  10. Is this an existing position?
  11. If existing position, who held the position before them?
  12. If new position, is a laptop or desktop needed?

Laptop Request: If someone has a desktop and now wants a laptop, they have to wait until their refresh cycle. IT no longer has spare laptops for these type of situations.

*** Please remember we need at least a week’s notice for new employee computer equipment setup.


We seem to continuously have an increase in SPAM emails and therefore it is important to remember the following to prevent viruses:

  • Do Not Open suspicious emails: DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY
  • Do Not click on links in SCAM EMAILS
  • if you don’t recognize the sender be cautious
  • Do Not give out your passwords to anyone
  • Do Not give out any personal information through email or online if you do not recognize the company and if you are not sure it is a secure website even if it's a legitimate company.