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Classroom & Lab Policy Procedures

All Classroom and Lab Requests Require a Helpdesk Ticket

  1. If new versions of software requires hardware upgrades, the IT Manager will provide recommendations to the Division Dean in writing, so that the Division has time to decide whether they want to upgrade at that time or wait for additional funds.
  2. If an Instructor requires additional files and/or programs other than what is already loaded (ex. files downloaded from the Internet), he/she needs to submit their request in writing to the IT Manager.  If the computers in the requested lab meet all constraints then the request will be honored.  If a license is required to load the software, the Instructor will be responsible for contacting their Division Dean to secure the license, before the additional software is loaded.
  3. Instructors are to notify the campus IT Manager of any network security software and/or tools they will be loading above and beyond what the PC already has installed by IT.  This is due to the fact that many “Security” tools are not 100% trustworthy, and even those that are, can cause disruption in many forms. That being the case, any tools, utilities, and/or software above and beyond what the campus IT department has installed, must be approved by campus IT Manager and the college Information Security Officer, before an Instructor can install them.  In addition, such “dual-use” Information Security tools, software, and utilities, will only be allowed on an isolated LAN with no internet or NOVA network access.
  4. Students shall save all work onto thumb drive and not onto the hard drive. IT is not responsible for any lost work due to maintenance, hard drive failure or computer updates.
  5. Students shall be supervised during the whole duration of class. 
  6. Students are not allowed in computer labs without an Instructor.
  7. Each Instructor will be required to turn off all computers, projectors and TVs at the end of their classes regardless of the time. 


Requests for software installation in Computer Labs and Classrooms must be made at least two weeks in advance of the first day the software is needed. This is to allow adequate time for testing and distribution to the computers on campus. All request must be made in the form of an IT Helpdesk Ticket and include the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact’s Phone Number
  • Software installation media type and web link if applicable, or the software must be dropped off to IT.
  • Software installation instructions, if there is a special configuration needed
  • Lab or classroom the software needs to be installed in, and Library if the software will need to be installed in that location. If requesting software to be installed in the TTC please use one of the following links. Instructor Requested Software or Student Requested Software .