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Arts, Communication and Humanities Division

The programs within the Arts, Communications & Humanities division include Art & Photography, English, English as a Second Language, World Languages, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Religion and Speech & Drama.

Division Faculty and Staff

Dean of Arts, Communications & Humanities Division
David Epstein, Seefeldt Building, Room 402
Phone: 703.878.5715


World Languages: http://blogs.nvcc.edu/wolanguages
The Walrus: http://blogs.nvcc.edu/walrus
Art Gallery: http://blogs.nvcc.edu/wogallery
Photography: http://blogs.nvcc.edu/wopht
Film & Video: http://blogs.nvcc.edu/filmexposed


Name Discipline Email
Khalil Al-Tahrawi Arabic kaltahrawi@nvcc.edu
Denise Bausch English dbausch@nvcc.edu
Robert Bausch English rbausch@nvcc.edu
Breana Bayraktar ESL bbayraktar@nvcc.edu
Bryan Brown Speech babrown@nvcc.edu
Donna Clark Spanish dclark@nvcc.edu
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo English kcochran@nvcc.edu
Erin Devine Humanities/Art edevine@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Dupal English sdupal@nvcc.edu
Indigo Eriksen English jeriksen@nvcc.edu
Dr. Carmen Figueroa Spanish cfigueroa@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Harm ESL sharm@nvcc.edu
Cedric Howard Speech choward@nvcc.edu
Zack Jackson Art zjackson@nvcc.edu
Theana Kastens English tkastens@nvcc.edu
Lori Leeker English lleeker@nvcc.edu
Jenny Lopez Speech jclopez@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Lynch Art elynch@nvcc.edu
Fred Markham Art fmarkham@nvcc.edu
Brenda Meisel English nvmeisb@nvcc.edu
Gustavo Monje English gumonje@nvcc.edu
Julie Quinn English jquinn@nvcc.edu
Gail Rebhan Photography grebhan@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Richardson English jrichardson@nvcc.edu
Lisa Smith English lismith@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Taylor       English jjtaylor@nvcc.edu
LeeAnn Thomas English lethomas@nvcc.edu
David Tyson Speech & Drama dtyson@nvcc.edu
Tamara Warren-Chinyani CST twchinyani@nvcc.edu
Jackie Weaver ESL jweaver@nvcc.edu
Martha Wheeler             ESL mwheeler@nvcc.edu


Administrative Staff Email Discipline
Madeline Coradin mcoradin@nvcc.edu Office Manager/Admin. Assistant
Georgette Harris gsharris@nvcc.edu Admin. Assistant
Assistant Deans Email Discipline
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo kcochran@nvcc.edu English
Stephanie Harm sharm@nvcc.edu ESL/World Languages
Lori Leeker lleeker@nvcc.edu Developmental English
Fred Markham fmarkham@nvcc.edu Art/Drama/Humanities Philosophy/Photography/Religion
Bryan Brown babrown@nvcc.edu Communications
Coordinators Email Discipline
Stephanie Harm sharm@nvcc.edu ESL Placement Exam
Chris Stallings cstallings@nvcc.edu NOVA Gold and PIER