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Care Team

The Campus, Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) team provides a systematic and professional response in instances where students’ behavior is concerning or disruptive to themselves, others or the community. NOVA does not provide mental health services (per the policy of the Virginia Community College System), but we do provide faculty, staff and students with resources and referrals.

About Care Teams 

Each NOVA campus, including NOVA Online (NOL), has a CARE team to act as an early intervention program for students at risk. The team's goal is to provide support and resources that aid student success and retention and avert crisis situations.

Teams are tasked with reviewing, collaborating and addressing reports forwarded to them through the NOVACares system. Team members may reach out to students, faculty and staff members to ensure a comprehensive response to reports. CARE team interventions may be brief or, if appropriate, involve long-term monitoring and/or outreach to student(s) of concern. The CARE team is not a disciplinary body, however cases that escalate to Student Code of Conduct violations, may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for appropriate disciplinary action.

CARE Team Members

CARE Team Chairs are the Assoc. Dean of Students (or equivalent position) of each campus. Other members of the CARE team include representatives from faculty, staff and campus police.

Title IX reviews and responds, if appropriate, to any sexual misconduct case brought to the attention of the College. The office oversees case investigations from report to resolution.