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Confidentiality and Reporting

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Confidentiality and Reporting

Reporting Options

Online Incident Report

NOVA Title IX Office

NOVA Police Department
Incident Occurs on Campus

Local Police Department
Incident Occurs On or Off-Campus


Identifying information of a complainant will be protected as much as possible. This means that a complainant’s name will not be published or otherwise publicized without permission. When a person makes an official complaint to authorities, all possible protections will be afforded this individual, whether or not they participate in any investigation. When the College needs to act to protect the safety of others, absolute confidentiality may not be possible. For absolute confidentiality, contact NOVA's designated victim's services advocate Connie Kirkland at 703.323.2136.

Faculty and Staff as Responsible Employees

A Responsible Employee is required by law to report any incidents of sexual misconduct to NOVA’s Title IX Office. Responsible employees at NOVA include Administrative Council members, Associate Vice Presidents, Deans and Associate /Assistant Deans, Directors, designated Human Resources staff, full-time teaching faculty, business managers, financial aid managers, counselors, coaches, student life staff, and club advisors. A Responsible Employee is also someone who a person perceives as having the authority to respond to a sexual misconduct complaint.