Liz Coffey - STEM Coordinator Loudoun

Liz is a Virginia native with more than 20 years of STEM experience. She began her STEM career while working at a local computer repair store in her hometown of Front Royal. She eventually started her own business which allowed her to repair computer printers and copiers, repair computer systems and build and teach her STEM education curriculum. She introduced the three-year curriculum to middle and high school students, allowing them to use their skills in the field and gain job experience.

During her teaching career, Liz has developed and implemented original curriculums for STEM camps which include unique robotic competitions, 3D printing activities, and other activities keeping students engaged in STEM. Her current role as the Loudoun County STEM Education Coordinator provides many STEM Education opportunities to the area. Liz believes that students who are encouraged to build a strong understanding of STEM will always have a job available to them.




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